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Andalusia equates victims of sexual violence with gender

Andalusia takes a step forward with this change in the adaptation of the so-called Estambu convention

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Andalusia equates victims of sexual violence with gender

By law. The victim of sexual violence will be considered a victim of gender-based violence in Andalusia, irrespective of wher or not his or her partner was an uncouple. It is one of measures that Andalusian Parliament will approve on Wednesday in revision of its regional regulations against gender violence, adopted in 2007. Equalization will allow se or victims legal assistance for 24 hours, access to social services or public education, housing or health resources and AIDS, among or novelties.

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Andalusia takes a step forward with this change in adaptation of so-called Istanbul Convention, a European Treaty that Spain ratified in 2014 but whose content has not yet moved to national legislation. The Convention collects all forms of violence that can be exerted against women for sake of being both inside and outside couple. Castilla-La Mancha is anor of communities that processes an adaptation to European regulations, although ir project is still pending approval.

The Andalusian proposal, whose main changes have been accessed by this newspaper, is not accompanied by economic memory. Sources of Ministry of Justice ensure, however, that funding is guaranteed in budgets. "Andalusia takes a step forward. We strengn our struggle and give better response to women victims and ir families, said Rosa Aguilar, Counsellor of Justice, following inclusion of amendments. These are or novelties:

no police overcrowding. So far, to be considered as a victim and to have access to care and aid it was necessary to prove it by judicial resolution, by means of a fiscal report or a police certificate. With this new text, y can also be managed through certificates of social services, health care or public centres for victims. In addition, worth reports of Labour Inspectorate and Social security in cases of sexual harassment and gender in field of employment.

more familiar. The concept of a victim of gender-based violence will also include or members of family environment: elderly people, disabled or in a situation of dependency who are subject to guardianship, guard or custody of woman assaulted. It is also regulated that mors whose children have been killed with intention of harming m, wher ir partner or ir partner, are also victims, an assumption envisaged in new state pact against Gender Violence, adopted in September and for which They just got rid of first 200 million euros a year.

prostitution and harassment. The new text details and expands four forms of violence recognized; Physical, psychological, economic and sexual. They identify sexual assaults and abuses against women, violence against ir sexual and reproductive rights, trafficking, early or forced marriage and violence caused by application of cultural traditions that threaten ir Rights. It also includes in its rules violent acts such as Femicides, murder in field of prostitution and trafficking; Sexual harassment, "whatever scope in which it occurs, including labour," or sexual exploitation of women and girls and female genital mutilation, "even with consent of victim," advances counseling.

Specialized training. "We want to have a strong impact on training. And that public administration personnel who pay attention to victims are trained in gender violence in a compulsory manner, "says vice of Justice, Isabel Mayo, who emphasizes that law promotes rejection of society towards aggressor" to Eliminating possible sense of impunity, "as well as protecting dignity of surviving women. Training courses will also be provided for those who pay attention to aggressors and staff who may be part of commissions of investigation and treatment of sexual harassment and sex harassment.

Ciberviolencia. Ciberviolencia, unspoiled pornography, insults and harassment on basis of gender, sexual extortion, dissemination of images of victim and threats of rape and death are or acts on which legislation legislates, which also contemplates in Its provisions violence exerted through media or publicity.

more research. The norm also aims to promote research, in line of already published study of cases of fatalities by gender violence in Andalusia (2005-2015), which concluded that abuser kills at home, treason and treachery. It also incorporates actions aimed at male population, with special attention to young people, aimed at reinforcing awareness and prevention of gender-based violence.

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