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Annuities, from today, the parliamentary ripen to the right. M5S: "Give it to 67 years in us"

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Annuities, from today, the parliamentary ripen to the right. M5S: "Give it to 67 years in us"
ROME - On day in which 608 parliamentarians in first legislature (417 members and 191 senators) accrue in ir pension (an allowance of about 1000 euro net cash at age of 65 years) l'M5S at 'attack of caste, one of workhorses of privileged.In a press conference in Montecitorio, also Luigi Di Maio and Alessandro Di Battista, 5 Star hotels have launched an appeal to presidents of Chamber of deputies and Senate, Laura Boldrini and Piero Grasso: "This è l' last act strong to say that we want to give up. And this is request that we are doing with a formal act, - has explained deputy Simone Valente - apply law Fornero also to parliamentarians and to immediately start legislative changes to l'fairnessà between one who is in Building and who is out. This è l'act, which sottoscriveremo in name of parliamentary group". Annuities, M5S presents waiver. Baptist: Ask to retire as all Share   "Us this privilege do not want it". In midst of clash over reform Richetti that waits to be debated in Senate (with potential risk of costituzionalità to evaluate that could blow everything up), 5-Star wonder that by 65 current years, right to'allowance for deputies and senators of first legislature to be moved to 67 years."If you two legislatures, on or hand - has added To Baptist - go in pension at 60 and not 67 like or". And anyway, he annotated Maio, "with legislature to 65 years will recognize € 1,000 of retirement without that you have done something'anor in life: c'è a beautiful difference". "of Course y will say that you can notò do - he went To john Baptist - us hinder you, as y have always done. But solution c'è, not to tell us stronz...".To vice president of Chamber, despite substantial abolition of annuity ( pension is calculated on basis of contributions paid by members of parliament), we are facing a "medieval privileges that we will jump when we get to government". Then l'attack against parties defined "animals political dying" that "arraffano più possible before we come. This of life annuity will be ir Armageddon"."Sarà fun - he added - when we are government and we will implement citizen's income, to drag those 17 billion, which serve by ir privileges to people who need it". But for citizen's income, must haveà to seek resources elsewhere, considering that only a few months ago, Maio had mentioned that annuities for 2600 former members of parliament cost about 215 million euro l'a year to coffers of State".


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