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Antonio Banderas: "inbreeding policy ends up squashing it all"

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Antonio Banderas: "inbreeding policy ends up squashing it all"

The actor, who is patron to 'Linkedin' of actors, asks leaders to "try not to meddle and not to put ir hands in culture"

"If all world espicha, why such solemnity?"

Since 26th of February Antonio Banderas suffered a heart problem, you see things in a different way. He has learned to relativize everything and, now, looking for solutions to what has always been concerned with: state of profession, VAT in cinema or politicization of culture. "Everything was mounted on a ball very negative," he said during presentation of app Vibuk, a social network oriented to artistic talent and employment. Hence, ask political representatives to "try not to meddle and not to put ir hands in culture".

Or what is same, that is art to manage art. The fault, n, is not fulfilled this premise, who do you have? "I have decided, in general, do not go into politics because I don't think that politicians are as important as y claim to be", explained actor to THE WORLD. "It is true that we need managers and administrators that make our lives easier, but inbreeding policy ends up squashing it all. You could say that have become new vedettes of TWENTY-first century".

For Flags, that sponsor this project by artists from all sectors will be able to access casting calls and job opportunities, "paradigm" of cinema is changing, and, though now "y see more movies than ever," public no longer goes to cinema, and "this is what it is". For that reason, considered necessary by lowering of VAT cultural from 21 to 10%, as desired Fernando Benzo, secretary of State for Culture, last week. "The world of film and atre, is in need of some support. is Our profession has done much in times of crisis, and now that we are out of it, it is time that we give a little air."

Vibuk, refore, is breath that you need that y are on or side. The project's publicist Jorge Martinez, who started out in year 2013, it has more than 150,000 people registered and about 500 daily records. The goal of this social network is one of internationalisation, with special attention in coming months to Latin america and united States. "My faith is total in this project", commented actor in September, picks up National Award of Cinematography, and in November begins filming with National Geographic, of a series of 10 chapters on Picasso. "When I was in Silicon Valley I saw young people with exceptional ideas about world and I wondered why in Spain this is not given".

But mobile app is not only a site for professionals, since anyone can register on it in order to publicize ir talent and monetize a skill or a physical feature. "If re had been Vibuk when I did way of The English would have saved me a lot of time and money". In regard to his work as a director, has underlined its intention to start new projects that do not fit any novel -as happened with ir only two jobs in -direction, but that would be ir "personal ideas". "Now I want to talk about world that I have lived and things that interest me".

Among m will also find ir project in movie aters Astoria Malaga, who had to leave after repeated criticism of local branch of Can in city and United Left. "Someone interpreted that right was going to get a medal after taking control of building. And I didn't want to be in middle of that battle, especially after you start having to put tickets", has concluded from malaga, in next few days, he will travel to his hometown to close matter. "I don't want to work with public money because it comes very poisoned. I'll do It from private land and so not I am pissed off with anyone".


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