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Arrested a man in Torrejón for stabbing his partner in Pontevedra

The attack occurred when the woman informed her intention to initiate divorce proceedings

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Arrested a man in Torrejón for stabbing his partner in Pontevedra

Agents of national police have stopped in Marín (Pontevedra) A man, neighbor of town of Torrejón de Ardoz in Madrid, after stabbing his partner. The attack took place in early hours of this Tuesday at vacation home of marriage, on beach of Mogor, in Ria of Pontevedra, when woman had told her aggressor her intention to begin divorce proceedings, according to police sources.

The police were warned by neighbors of marriage to hear a strong argument between couple. In house were also his two minor children who have already taken care of maternal grandmor. The victim entered Montecelo Hospital of Pontevedresa capital with several cuts in body and its prognosis is reserved, although according to hospital sources it is out of danger.

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When she was about to be discharged this noon, woman suddenly worsened, so she was led to emergency room for a serious injury to a tendon that had not been detected at first, according to government deputy delegate in Pontevedra, Maica Larriba.

The victim remains admitted to resuscitation, where she will be interrogated about aggression by agents carrying investigation of case. For his part, man is detained in dungeons of Pontevedra police station while police complete proceedings to make it available to judiciary as alleged perpetrator of a murder crime in an attempt.

This last episode of an alleged case of gender-based violence occurs less than a week after a 54-year-old man was detained in a Coruña after he had slit his wife, who was 57 years old. This was second fatal victim of macho violence registered in Galician community so far this year. The Court of Violence on women of a CORUÑA has decreed ir entry into prison without bail.

The or fatal victim, and first of 2018 in Galicia, was a woman of 47 years, also murdered by her husband, of 50, last June in municipality of Pontevedrés O Porriño, with which he had more than thirty years of coexistence. The presumed premeditated murder occurred after woman informed her that she had initiated separation proceedings to live outside marital home.

The assailant quoted her in House at noon and in housing garage fired three shots at her wife, two in back and anor in head, and n committed suicide with same hunting rifle by shooting her in chest. He left a farewell note, asking forgiveness from couple's two sons. One of m was guy who found his parents and tipped off police.

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