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Arrested the narco who eloped in the hospital assault of the line

Samuel Crespo had fled for more than four months after 20 assailants took him by the force of the center's emergency

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Arrested the narco who eloped in the hospital assault of the line

"He's been hunted like a rabbit in burrow." Thus a Civil Guard describes fall of Samuel Crespo, one of most sought after narcos in last months in field of Gibraltar. The agents were looking for him after his spectacular escape on February 6 of hospital of line of conception (Cádiz), aided by 20 hoods who released him by force. After police arrested a few weeks ago king of drug trafficking, Antonio Badger, a large operative has managed to stop morning of this Wednesday to Crespo, Lieutenant of same organization. The band that runs hashish trade in field of Gibraltar, chestnuts, is hard to stab.

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More than four months later, agents of Drug and Organized Crime Unit (UDYCO) of national Police and Rapid Action Group of Guardia Civil (GAR) — both bodies displaced to province of Cadiz from Malaga — have managed to apprehend Crespo in Jimena de la Frontera, a town in vicinity of Campo de Gibraltar, as confirmed by both judicial sources and both bodies. In operation has been arrested David Amat, known as dye, anor alleged narco of same clan. On both of m weighed different judicial requirements, as Civil guard explains in a statement sent this morning.

Crespo was hidden in a country house around Jimena linked to Amat and was barely allowed to see in area. From re, it was used as Amat collaborators to transmit orders on drug caches to rest of members of his organization, according to same civil guard. Even that house has moved a large police operation with both bodies. After fall of top kingpin of band, Antonio Badger, on June 7, arrest of Samuel is "a hard blow" for clan of chestnuts, as police sources point.

Known lieutenant in closed circles of narco, Crespo became famous after escape of hospital in a film assault. That day a national police patrol discovered narco in a routine control of streets of neighborhood of El Zabal, one of territories preferred by traffickers on line. It weighs up to three search and detention orders, one of which establishes his immediate entry into prison.

Crespo drove a moped and carried a parcel woman. After police stopped him, he left woman and fled through slum. However, he had an accident and was stopped. With an important leg wound, two agents moved him to ER. When it was being attended by two members of health workforce in Cure room, some 20 hooded people appeared, got off several vehicles and entered hospital Center. In a few minutes, y managed to get CRESPO. The police were barely able to stop one of people who participated in assault.

For all se months, CRESPO's detention has been a priority. The agents knew that chestnut drug dealer was nearby and established a fence around him, waiting for him to make a false move. In parallel, some of collaborators who participated in assault that placed line in eye of hurricane have fallen. In March, police managed to arrest two of suspects involved. At time of arrest, one of detainees was on 200,000 euros in cash.

With fall of Antonio badger in a deployment of more than 100 agents, Samuel Crespo and David Amat, Chestnut clan has experienced one of its strongest blows. Only Francisco Badger is released, bror of first and which also weighs an arrest warrant. The Chestnut clan is known for being able to agglutinate and organize multitude of bands operating in area (about 30 with a total of 3,000 collaborators, according to estimates of police unions and anti-drug organizations). Converted into most powerful band in area, it is estimated that Badger brors amass a fortune close to 30 million euros, which hide, among or places, in Zulos under ground.

However, now all that empire seems to be staggered and in strongholds of narco know it. The first police stick to chestnut band arrived in May 2017 with arrest of 30 members of organization. However, operation did not seem to affect clan's usual operations in excess. It has not been until arrest of one of top ringleaders of band, Antonio Badger, when in neighborhoods of line where narco becomes strong have begun to live scenes of nervousness and tension.

On 12 June, two national police vehicles were caught in an ambush in which some residents of San Bernardo neighborhood threw Molotov cocktails at m. In addition, a group of about 300 people came to protest at same time to claim less police control. "There's a lot of silence to see how neighborhood responds. They are finding out now, almost all are hidden or not seen. There are many who want to become hollow of chestnuts in drug trafficking in area. Ors also rejoice because y say that, because of m, y cannot work, for ir cockiness and for ir attacks on policemen, "riveted a Civil guard of line.


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