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Artur Mas announces that he leaves the presidency of the PDeCAT

The former president of the Generalitat says that it is a meditated decision

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Artur Mas announces that he leaves the presidency of the PDeCAT

Artur Mas announced this afternoon that it leaves presidency of Catalan Democrat Party (PDeCAT), heiress Formation of Democratic Convergència (CDC). "For months I had thought of it, before 1st of October, before summer. The decision is not hasty, but I have been meditating long. It's a step aside, "he said. "One of reasons is court calendar that I have to face in coming months. I was indicted, convicted and disabled by 9-N. And, as you know in my case, this sentence is pending ratification by supreme, and I believe that this body will confirm sentence, so I will be disabled. " For more, this situation "in short term I have room for manoeuvre, and I think I do not have to limit expansion of this project, PDeCAT and Junts per Catalunya, and presidency of party needs someone who does have room for maneuver." But he says he is not withdrawn from politics, "but he will do it differently. We'll see. "

More information
  • The judgement of ' Palau case ' will be made public on January 15th
  • "I would not dare put my hand on fire for anyone"
  • The prosecutor: "The Palau was used to steal for benefit of Convergència"

The former president of Generalitat has called cadres of party to communicate ir decision, just six days before sentencing of Palau case and in midst of controversy with Carles Puigdemont on road map of new legislature. There is not yet a replacement for more inside dome of PDeCAT, explain sources of formation. The Exspokesperson Neus Munte holds vice president and is initially expected to continue to occupy that position.  The expresident leaves symbolic leadership of party just when it is two years of " next step", when he furr desisted in his attempt to repeat as president of Generalitat before pressures of CUP and gave way to Carles Puigdemont.

The abandonment of presidency of PDeCAT also arrives at a critical time for formation heiress of Convergència, which has seen its identity diluted in candidacy of Junts per Catalunya. Last Monday, Mas criticised Puigdemont's strategy and expressed his preference for a longer legislature.

Sources of party, however, assure that decision of successor of Jordi Pujol is also a preventive action before judgement of case Palau, which will be made public on January 15. This case makes references to payment of donations to party in exchange for public works, through Palau de la Música.


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