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Aznar returns to Genoa

The former president of the government arrives at 12.30 to meet Paul married to the party headquarters, which did not tread for two years and seven months

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Aznar returns to Genoa

José María Aznar has returned to number 13 Genoa Street this Tuesday. The president of PP, Pablo Casado, has received in national headquarters of party to former President of government and former leader of this formation, according to this newspaper have confirmed to him popular sources. It was two years and seven months since his last visit to Genoa, when he was still president of honor and came by surprise to meeting of Executive Committee to ask Mariano Rajoy urgent renovation of party.

Aznar has arrived on 12.30 to headquarters of PP and has entered car directly to garage of building, for disappointment of many journalists who were waiting for him at entrance. The last time he set foot in Genoa was December 21, 2015, when National Executive Committee met to analyse election results of day before. The PP had again won election, but had lost more than three and a half million votes, from 186 to 123 seats. No one expected former president, who neverless had his post reserved as a born member of leadership in his capacity as President of party's honor, although he was already a little bit.

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It was four years since victory by absolute majority in 2011, but was presented and asked for floor.  Aznar supported attempts of Rajoy to form government as a candidate of list most voted, but in line followed considered that party needed a "deep reflection" to recover confidence of Spaniards and space of center-right in Spain, Already threatened its position by citizens. This is speech that Aznar reiterates from n until today.

The meeting of Married with Aznar of today will be, explain same sources, like one that last Monday kept married with his predecessor in post, Mariano Rajoy. Throughout entire internal electoral campaign for leadership of PP, Pablo Casado has claimed legacy of all presidents who have had party and has defended at all times Aznar, who was chief of staff for two years.

In primary campaign, Aznar criticized not having had "honor of being invited to Congress of PP" which presided 14 years. He also did not go to conclave of 2017 after resigning in 2016 to be honorary president of training. The President of Organizing Committee, Luis de Grandes, argued that Aznar has dealt with an "express disdain" to PP in recent years.


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