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Barrage of criticisms of a deputy of ERC by sexist comments

Lluis Salvadó on the candidates for counseling the one with the fattest boobs

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Barrage of criticisms of a deputy of ERC by sexist comments

The sexist conversation that has unveiled this Friday yesterday Antena 3 in which it intervenes Lluis Salvadó, deputy of Esquerra Republican in Parlament and former secretary of Finance of Generalitat, provoked an avalanche of criticisms and requests of resignations of all Political forces, except ERC and Junts per Catalunya. The CUP described Salvadó as "sexist, misogynistic and xenophobic".

In conversation disseminated by public Mirror program, Lluís Salvadó and a friend speculate on woman who was going to replace Meritxell Ruiz in front of Department of Education in July 2017, when several counselors left government. The one with fattest boobs, says Salvadó to her interlocutor, Josep Caparrós, mayor of Sant Carles de La Ràpita (Tarragona).

Converse in proper Absolut. Excuse me d'entrada i sortida. It is not amb in Jové, is Amb a amic to month of July. És L'enèssima conversa amb familiars i friends filtered by police who res tea to veure amb cause. Presentem denunciation per protect intimitat of third persons Https://

— Lluís Salvadó (@LlSalvado) March 9, 2018

The dialogue abounds with derogatory and sexist phrases that also allude to wife of former president of Generalitat. At one point in conversation Caparrós asks, "is Puigdemont's wife not Romanian? I suppose she will agree. " Salvadó replies "They are looking for a Romanian, via woman of Puigdemont, or a Brazilian, who are Resultonas". "It's mission impossible. It is easier to open an auditorium than to find women, "says Salvadó.

The deputy of Esquerra apologized on Twitter so he considered a conversation "at all appropriate" and asked "apology of entry and exit". It also announced that dialogue took place in July and that it has nothing to do with cause of court of instruction number 13 of Barcelona. This investigation began in February 2017 after a complaint against deputy of Esquerra Santiago Vidal and motivated puncture of Salvadó 's phone and his computer.

In such an investigation, judicial police only brings to judge conversations and data that are related to cause that is investigated, but it seems that this has not happened in this summary, which is full of private conversations of Salvadó and History of your computer. The same judge ordered registry of Department of Economy on September 20 in which Salvadó ended up detained. For those facts are in prison Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez.

Marta Rovira, Secretary general of Esquerra, said that words of Salvadó were "inappropriate" and that y did not correspond with idea of Esquerra. Less sympatic was deputy of that party in Parlament, Carme Porta. "This behavior is intolerable and must have consequences," he said.

Requests for resignation to Salvadó came from all fronts. Xavier Domènech, leader of Commons stated that " filtering [of conversation] is interested, but despite apologies no one who makes sexist comments can occupy a seat in Parlament". His party partner, Elisenda Alamanda, branded of "sexist and disgusting" words of Salvadó.

In same vein, mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, said that "although it is a leak with political intent, conversation is real and disgusting. No one who talks like that should take up public office. "

Congresswoman Sonia Sierra (citizens) considered "absolutely unacceptable" words of deputy and leader of PP in Autonomous chamber, Xavier Garcia Albiol, lamented with irony " criterion of ERC when choosing women for government positions of Generalitat "and again insisted on size of breasts.

The deputy of PSC-units in Parlament Beatriz Silva said that MP "should reflect on wher his views on women allow him to continue representing citizenry." The government delegate in Catalonia, Enric Millo, also requested resignation,


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