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Belgian justice officially closes the process against Puigdemont and the Exadvisers

During the brief process the presence of the members of the Government was not necessary

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Belgian justice officially closes the process against Puigdemont and the Exadvisers

The Belgian justice has officially closed on Thursday open judicial process against former president of Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont and Excouncillors Antonio ate, Lluís Puig, Meritxell Serret and Clara Ponsatí. The measure, advanced by sources of defense, arrives nine days after judge of Supreme Court, Pablo Llarena, announced withdrawal of Euroorden issued by judge of national hearing, Carmel Lamen, on November 3. The prosecutor's office in Brussels has given shelve to declaring case "not coming", in a procedure that lasted only a few minutes and in which presence of former government members was not necessary, only that of ir lawyers.

The withdrawal of Euroorden and definitive closure of process also means that precautionary measures imposed by Belgian justice have been formally void. Puigdemont and excouncillors could not leave Belgium, y had to communicate a fixed address and ir agenda of day, and y were to be presented to authorities when y were required.

All that has been left behind, although defense of Catalan politicians remains cautious about possibility of leaving Belgium: The lawyer Paul Bekaert pointed out, in an interview with this newspaper, that in case of displacement to anor country less favorable to his interests Judicial that Belgium, it is possible that Spain emits a new Euroorden: "If Mr. Puigdemont travels to anor European country re may be problems. There is No judicial certitude. Each country has different criminal laws and jurisprudence. " Security forces have taken extreme controls at border with France before a possible stellar appearance by Carles Puigdemont in midst of election campaign, and collaboration with neighboring country should former president tread on French territory seems Guaranteed.

The end of case also means a little relief for Belgian government. The arrival of former representatives of Generalitat has provoked a conato of internal political crisis and diplomatic friction with Spanish government. Since justice should not be pronounced, a new clash resulting from judicial decision is thus avoided.


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