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Belgian justice officially closes the process against Puigdemont and the exadvisors

During the brief procedure, the presence of the Government's members was not necessary

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Belgian justice officially closes the process against Puigdemont and the exadvisors

The Belgian justice has filed this Thursday officially open cause against former president of Generalitat Carles Puigdemont and Exadvisors Antoni ate, Lluís Puig, Meritxell Serret and Clara Ponsatí, as reported by prosecutor's office in Brussels in a brief Release. The end of extradition process was requested by Supreme Court Judge Pablo Llarena nine days ago, when he withdrew Euroorden dictated last November 3 by judge of national audience Carmen Lamea. With decision to turn back, Llarena has wanted to prevent Belgian justice from limiting crimes for which y can be prosecuted, which would have prevented Spanish judges from acting against politicians who have been fled for crimes such as rebellion, most serious of which They are attributed to m.

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The Belgian trial judge has given shelve to case past 11.30 this morning, declaring that "re is no case" in an expected procedure that has lasted only a few minutes. The presence of former members of government has not been necessary, and y have been represented in hearing by ir lawyers, who have not put any objection. About five politicians still weighs a Spanish arrest warrant, so y would be arrested if y returned to Spain.

The withdrawal of European order left precautionary measures imposed by justice of that country to be released on 5 December as a condition of leaving m free during course of trial. Puigdemont and fleeing Exadvisors, who were delivered to a Brussels police station on 5 November, were unable to leave Belgium, had to communicate a fixed address and agenda for day, and should be presented to authorities when required.

All that has been left behind, although defense of Catalan politicians remains cautious about possibility of leaving Belgium: lawyer Paul Bekaert said, in an interview with this newspaper, that in case of displacement to anor country less favorable to ir interests Judicial, it is possible for Spain to issue a new euroorden. "If Mr Puigdemont travels to anor European country re may be problems." There is no same judicial certainty. "Every country has different criminal laws and jurisprudence," he said. The security forces have extreme controls on border with France to a possible stellar appearance of Carles Puigdemont in Catalonia in midst of electoral campaign, and collaboration with neighboring country in case former president stepped on French territory It seems guaranteed.

The end of case also means relief for Belgian government. The arrival of former representatives of Generalitat has provoked a conate of internal political crisis in a very fragmented executive of which are part, among or forces, Flemish nationalists allied of Catalan independence. Moreover, since justice should not be pronounced, new diplomatic frictions are avoided with Spanish government, with which it has maintained various rifirrafes on account of Catalan crisis.


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