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Billy the boy enjoys four medals that increase by 50% his pension

Interior discovers the accumulation of decorations when revising the dossier of the Francoist police accused of torture

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Billy the boy enjoys four medals that increase by 50% his pension

In his first ten days in office, as country advanced, minister of Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, claimed all documentation on police Francoist Billy child, accused of torture and claimed by Argentine justice, to see if it was possible Withdraw Pensionada medal granted in 1977. It had on table claim of Association for recovery of Historical Memory (ARMH), which had already addressed to previous government, of PP, claiming that decoration was revoked, and that on June 19 said to have delivered to ministry 250,000 Signatures with petition. But when investigating file of Expolice, which today is 72 years old, it was discovered that it was not one but four medals, all with an increase of pension incorporated, which had been granted to Billy child. That is to say, it charges equivalent to pension and average, according to sources of Interior.

The first medal, with a red distinctive and an increase of 10% in his pension, was granted by n pro-Franco government on July 20, 1972. The second, with Silver Badge, was awarded by executive of Adolfo Suárez on June 13, 1977 for release of President of Council of State, Antonio Maria de Oriol, and Lieutenant General Emilio Villaescusa, kidnapped by grab between end of 1976 and Early 1977. This award implies an increase in its pension by 15%.

The third, also with a red distinctive, that is to say, with an increase in its pension of 10%, was granted to him by Interior on October 10, 1980. And fourth, Silver, is March 30th, 1982. In this case, it was for entire information brigade, to which Billy child belonged, and assumed a 15% more in his pension. The pro-Franco police claimed it by court when he already enjoyed benefits of or three medals, because despite being part of brigade was not paid amounts attached to award. A court ruling recognized economic effects of medal on December 12, 2010, according to same sources.

The accumulation of medals and, in particular, court ruling have complicated case, but police sources point out that y hope to resolve matter shortly.

"I thought I was going to kill myself"

The Argentine justice, which instructs a cause for crimes of Francoism, requested arrest of Billy child after receiving allegations of several victims who accused exinspector of police of 13 offences of torture. In his car, Buenos Aires judge Maria Servini was covering, he remembered allegations like se: "He gave me such a beating that I thought he was going to kill me" (Miguel Ángel Gómez). "He gave Me blows with his fists on my head and back" (Francisca Villar, detained at 18 years). "He gave Me a heavy blow to genitals," said Jesús Rodríguez.

The extradition of Billy child was finally rejected for considering that alleged crimes had been prescribed, but pro-Franco police officer was summoned to testify at national hearing in 2014. When asked if he remembered having been prosecuted at some point for torture, he replied: "Some years ago some ill-treatment, but I think we were not condemned."

A law of 1964 established as requirements to receive this type of decorations having shown " virtues of patriotism, loyalty and delivery to service in highest degree". When, before change of government, ARMH asked to know "relationship of merits and services of extraordinary character" of Billy child to enjoy that increase in his pension, director general of police responded that to facilitate such information could Put him in danger and also added, "The affected one" would be "in a state of constant insecurity and anxiety."


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