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Blocked accounts of the League. Salvini attacking the judiciary and announces an appeal, the prosecutor's office of Genoa replies: "No attack on the Constitution"

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Blocked accounts of the League. Salvini attacking the judiciary and announces an appeal, the prosecutor's office of Genoa replies: "No attack on the Constitution"

"y are Trying to take away from newspapers, from tv, from radio, from Parliament. Try to do it 'Turkish'. But y will not succeed. In a democracy it is citizens with ir vote who decide who wins and who loses, not a single judge. I am really curious to see now what dirà President of Republic". He said this morning, leader of League, Matteo Salvini to Radio Padania commenting on precautionary confiscation of funds of League ordered by court of Genoa, that has blocked six current accounts of party in six different banks in Emilia-Romagna, Liguria and   Trentino, and now also those in Veneto and Lombardy. And più later in press conference convened at headquarters of via Where Salvini announced: "Già next week we will have recourse, Mondayì afternoon è been summoned to a swiss federal council (d'urgency" and added: "no political movement in history of Italian Republic, è never been reserved for a treatment of genre, with budget sequestration without even a notification to legal representative".Sensationally, a few hours away from statements of leader league, chief prosecutor of Genoa, Francesco Cozzi replied. "We have utmost respect for League and for all of parties. But we have not put in place any attack on Constitution, indeed, has been taken action for protection of Parliament". " house and Senate, " explains Cozzi -have formed a civil party in process to get compensated for damage resulting from provision of contributions which were not to be given becauseé based on financial statements that are not correct. We have acted in protection of Parliament. And concludes, Cozzi - processes that this office sends forward demonstrate that you do not look anyone in face and, even less, to no political colour".Salvini già yesterday, during a press conference at Chamber had attacked judiciary, accusing it of trying to make out party, and today she posted dose. "Sunday in Pontida we will make demanding decisions, which are not remembered in history of post-War period. you can Notò allowing that in a constitutional State someone being gagged. Without a shred of paper blocking a party, on decision of a single judge. But even in Turkey... Come Sunday in Pontida, sarà a very special day," he said on Radio Padania."The polls give us advantage and see if we will seize opportunityà to have gazebo, coach, flyers - had posted Salvini. We are opposite to usual powers marci who do not want that nothing changes, that y are afraid of us. But we shall come to rule, that you're willing to live with judge, can; sequestrarci everything he wants. We are treated worse than mafia becauseé we do fear it, but we will come out". And on economic issue of party, he added: "In last three years we have not taken a penny of public funding, becauseé not c'è più, and in case re are just thirty thousand euros. But on Monday; I have to pay for companyà of bus for pontida and salaries to our 12 employees".On matter è intervened in a very più calm, governor of Lombardy, Roberto Maroni, on lock of counts decided by judiciary said: "Not by merits but based on my personal beliefs and knowledge also of all that is happened, I think it is a serious detriment to us. But I am convinced that League is a great party and saprà react". Maroni prefers not to comment, instead, choice of party not to act as civil parties.In turn, League and Salvini are under attack by Pd, that after words of secretary Matteo Renzi also now has many comments, including that of parent company of Pd to Room, Ettore Rosato, who on Facebook writes: "Those of Rome out of League, condemn half mouth and is held in party leader with public money instead of make policy have bought diamonds, and kept children scapestrati. If n comes a condemnation, it is just that accounts are blocked, happens to all of citizens. The judiciary goes about its work. The Alloy no. Perché Salvini does not return money, and it constitutes a civil party in process?".All's attack and also 5 Star hotel Alessandro Di Battista that by submitting waiver request of board prime and l'accession to said in a statement to deputies and senators grillini said:  "The League takes public's money and n complains becauseé says 'we all against'". This is world upside down". And Luigi Di Maio: "The Norrn League has tens of millions of euro at least to return to voters and ask for an excuse before you cry to conspiracy".The story that led to seizure of accounts is that of failure to return to Parliament of about 59 million of reimbursement of election expenses "disappeared" from which y were called to meet founder Bossi, Francesco Belsito, former administrator of Norrn league, but with a later, and even dramatic, buck between vertices, current and former, including Roberto Maroni, and relatives of Send. 


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