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Broken relationships between the security forces

The fracture between the national police, the Guardia Civil and the Mossos affects all areas, from the dome to the base

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Broken relationships between the security forces

The relations between National Police and Guardia Civil, on one hand, and Mossos, on or, are broken. The joint teams are frozen, y have returned medals, some guards and police officers have discharged as professors in school of Mossos, even in most elementary, as can be to share a table in a canteen, agents notice how that treatment has been Deteriorated. The fracture on this occasion has gone beyond controls, and it splashes all areas and ranking of police officers who work in Catalonia.

A very symbolic gesture from that day to day tells it a base mosso. "Normally, when re are lines in Ronda de Litoral, we enter port of Barcelona to dodge traffic jam." You used to come in, say hello and go out. "Now y ask you to stand up and escort you a Civil guard patrol," he says. Anor agent admits that at airport, where three police bodies coexist, treatment is colder, and some police officers no longer share a table in canteen, as y used to.

At operational level, areas of research and information, where Guardia Civil, Mossos and national police usually work toger, are most affected. In information, misunderstandings began with terrorist attack of Barcelona on August 17, according to various police sources consulted, due to cross accusations of disloyalty. But despite this situation, admitted by all, no one doubts that fight against terrorism is paramount. "We are moving forward with research that is coordinated from CITCO [Center for Intelligence against Terrorism and organized crime] about attacks in Barcelona, as it cannot be orwise," says a command. The Mossos also attend weekly meetings on assessment of terrorist threat. "We go re where we are invited as policemen," he emphasizes.

In research, joint Judicializadas operations on organized crime are frozen, waiting for someone to take initiative, different sources of police forces coincide. "Communication is only indispensable." "Waiting for events," adds anor police command.

In day-to-day management, re has also been a setback. "Now it takes longer to respond to a normal request, as can be of aliens [exclusive jurisdiction of National police]." "And things that were previously solved with a phone call are now asked in writing," lamented investigators. "The Colegueo is over, but daily working relationship is same." "We cannot afford to be harmed by our differences, women who are victims", softens a police source of aliens.

Also in street coldness is palpable. Mossos and police share vigilance of State buildings. It used to be common for both bodies to disarray a façade. "Now we do not usually share sidewalks, and we have to stand in front, or, if re are many people, n between mass of people and police," explains a source of Mossos. "It has also lost cordial treatment and ease with which things were done," he adds.

At judicial headquarters, situation is similar. "If national police bring detainees, y come looking forward to leaving." Before it was different, y greeted, we talked for a while ..., says anor police source. The same happens in some prisons, where custody is exerted by Mossos. "When Civil guard enters, re is tension in atmosphere, nothing out of tune, but coldness," y explain.

No one hides that relations between police forces have never been easy. "Also Guardia Civil and national police have had m." "Everyone wants to put that medal," says a veteran agent in Catalonia. But so far, rifirrafes and suspicions were mostly lived in dome. The operative teams were trying to work away from those conflicts.

"That's going to cost now." They are not forgiven that re were people breaking crystals of cars that took detainees and y were with arms crossed, adds anor source of Guardia Civil on Catalan police. Some agents have broken ir personal relationships with Mossos. Even between unions re have been reproaches. But not everyone lives same: "I keep keeping my friends, no matter what body y are." There are even those who are confident about future: "Time cures everything." "This time will pass and cops downstairs will be partners again."

"Who's going to sit with Civil guard?"

"Who's going to sit on table with Civil guard?" The commentary is recurrent among Mossos. The Armed institute is one who has provided reports to national audience to support accusation of inaction by Catalan police. In autonomous body, sense of disappointment is greater than if it came from national police, with whom historically have maintained more complicated relationships. The major was one who directed in 2009 an investigation against a plot of national policemen who charged with brols in exchange for turning a blind eye ( case Riviera and Saratoga), and sometimes reported that police blocked access to information. Therefore, joint investigations were more frequent with Guardia Civil or teams of national police but outside of Catalonia.


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