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Brussels Prosecutor's office reactivates Euroorden for former President Puigdemont

Belgian authorities are unaware of the whereabouts of the Catalan exdirector

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Brussels Prosecutor's office reactivates Euroorden for former President Puigdemont

The end of escape of Carles Puigdemont does not finish arriving. The Brussels office confirmed this Saturday that it has revived Euroorden for former president of Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont. But Belgian authorities are unaware of whereabouts of Catalan independence leader, who last Thursday traveled to Finland to maintain contacts with several members and give a lecture at University of Helsinki. His hosts in Nordic country claim that Puigdemont forwarded his return on Friday, shortly after Judge Pablo Llarena sent international arrest warrant to Finland. His lawyers confirm that he is no longer in Finland. But Belgian prosecutor's office does not know exactly where it is and has not yet decided what strategy it will launch in next few hours.

Greens call for EU Mediaciónde

The Group of Greens in European Parliament described yesterday as "disproportionate" provisional prison for Jordi Turull, Carme Forcadell and three Catalan councillors. "We see No basis for accusation of rebellion that, as several Spanish and international lawyers have indicated, requires a violent act," leaders of political formation, German Ska Keller and Belgian Philippe Lamberts pointed out.

The Puigdemont case returns to Exit box. The national Court had already activated Euroorden for Puigdemont months ago, but Judge Llarena decided to withdraw it in December to prevent Belgian authorities from cercenaraning possibility of judging Catalan former president for all crimes attributed to him. As n, Puigdemont is more likely to be put at disposal of Belgian justice again. And, as happened last fall, you will be released until you decide wher or not Belgium extradites you. Belgium rejected in 2015 17 orders of extradition, and handed over to 22 people; The attorneys of former president are certain that order will be rejected. Finland, on or hand, usually gives extradition in practically all euroórdenes it receives.

Finland also activated normal procedure of extradition yesterday, but problem of Finnish authorities is same: whereabouts of Puigdemont are unknown. Finnish Interior Minister Kai Mykkänen noted that former president is likely to remain in country. On or hand, Finnish deputy Mikko Kärnä, one of his hosts in Finland, said that Puigdemont crossed border on Friday night "by unknown means," reports Adrián Soto. His lawyer, Jaume Alonso Cuevillas, confirmed through social networks that Puigdemont "is no longer in Finland" and announced that it will be "at disposal of Belgian justice". His defence is much simpler in Belgium, where he has set up his residence since end of October last year, than in Finland.

There are already seven fleeing Catalan exheaders, after flight of Secretary general of Esquerra Republican, Marta Rovira, installed in Switzerland. But Puigdemont is most confusing: it takes almost five months in Belgium with several changes of domicile and trips to Denmark, Switzerland and latter to Finland to try to internationalise procés.


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