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Brussels urged to respect the Spanish Constitution

“It is expected that all actors will respect the constitutional order”, points to the number two of the Commission

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Brussels urged to respect the Spanish Constitution

“it Is expected that all actors will respect constitutional order”, points to number two of Commission

Brussels reinforced message of respect for law, before holding of a referendum illegal in Catalonia. The number two of european Commission, European vice-president Frans Timmermans, said on Friday that State law requires you to respect Spanish Constitution. “It is hoped that all actors in any member State to respect constitutional order”, has responded Timmermans before misunderstanding raised yesterday by words of president of community Executive, Jean-Claude Juncker.

The executive arm of European Union it takes years to translate same message about possible independence of Catalonia: it is an internal matter of Spain, but if a territory of a member State is torn off, it automatically comes out of community club. But a slip in answer that Juncker offered yesterday in an interview hosted by Euronews (“if yes to independence in Catalonia to see light, well, respetaríamos that choice”) led to confusion. The Dutch Frans Timmermans, which has among its competences, monitoring of State of law in Europe, has underlined at a press conference that re is no place for misunderstandings, and that main thing is to respect constitutional order. “If in this Constitution re were new realities, would be considered as such by European Commission. But principle is respect to Constitution of United states,” he clarified.

The key, in this case, resides in nature of referendum. If it were a legal consultation, suggests Brussels, result would be respected. The second part of reasoning is left implied. “I don't want to enter debate, but European Commission, and also its president, considered that respect of Spanish Constitution is starting point,” he concluded Timmermans, aware of enormous political sensitivity surrounding this debate.

a Few minutes after intervention of vice-president, who has answered several questions about Catalonia, Commission has emphasized that words of Timmermans fully coincide with message released on Thursday by Juncker. “Everyone understood it, with exception of those who do not want to understand,” has slipped spokesman of this institution.


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