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But he says he moved Puigdemont that he didn't share the plan secessionist

The chief of the Mossos resorted to the self-processing and denies having put the Mossos in the service of the independence

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But he says he moved Puigdemont that he didn't share the plan secessionist

The chief of Mossos D'Esquadra, Josep Lluís, tries to convince judge of national court Carmen Lamet that at no time put police force in service of interests of independence. In a writing in which he opposes indictment for two sedition crimes and one criminal organization, he alleges that he and rest of dome of Mossos kept open discrepancies with political leaders of Department of Interior and The Generalitat on holding of 1 October referendum.

He explains in his writing that, before 1-O, he held two meetings at Palau de la Generalitat with former president of Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, and former vice-president Oriol Junqueras. In se meetings, he says, he was moved by his "concern" to keep referendum call, as it could generate problems for citizen security. According to arguments of old major, but informed Puigdemont that police did not share "project independence" and that dome was intended to "respect current legality and comply with judicial mandates" that ordered to prevent Illegal voting. But it also transferred to politicians its discomfort by certain public manifestations on role of Mossos. To give credibility to this version, brief quotes in his favor statement, as a witness, of current chief of Mossos, Ferran Lopez, who credits that version.

He is prosecuted for two sedition crimes and one criminal organization. Judge Carmen Lamese believes that she was part of a "complex and heterogeneous organization United for purpose of achieving secession of Catalonia" and that it put Mossos "in service of secessionist interests". The defense of But denies and rejects story of facts that collects car of national hearing. Among or things, paper argues that "re has been no police protection of politicians or charges investigated" for ir participation in referendum.

Attorney Olga Tubau recalls that she never made any demonstrations in favour of referendum; On contrary, he reasons, re is an official statement of Mossos D'Esquadra indicating his willingness to comply with judicial resolutions.

One of crimes of sedition is attributed to events of September 20 in front of Department of Economy of Generalitat, when a multitude was concentrated to protest records ordered by a judge in Barcelona. The paper stresses that day was "a great mobilization of citizens" and emphasizes that it was "peaceful" for most part. But denies desatendieran of Civil Guard's requests. The paper alleges that "if y did not evict and disperse" people congregated before "it was not by a malicious will to obstruct entry and registration", but by "absolute impossibility of carrying out such actions in presence of a compact mass of People. " In action of Mossos was valued that were concentrations convened by National Assembly of Catalonia and Òmnium culture and, to date, "had always had a peaceful character." It also denies any "collusion" with political commanders because none of m were in coordination room that day.

"It becomes difficult," insists writing, "to sustain an alleged coordination between political cupola of Conselleria of Interior and controls of prefecture of Mossos D'Esquadra", when latter "in an unprecedented and public form Act transfer ir Discrepancy with first. " These discrepancies were definitively reflected, emphasizes Tubau, in meetings with Puigdemont and Junqueras, where it was clear that neir Mossos nor "a possible plan for celebration of referendum".


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