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Camps ' number two ' points to Genoa by Box B

Ricardo Costa denounces to the judge who receives threats since he admitted the irregular accounting

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Camps ' number two ' points to Genoa by Box B

The finger of Ricardo Costa, former secretary general of Valencian PP and number two of Francisco camps, does not aim only at ex-president of Generalitat. The former popular high office has come this Wednesday to national hearing to testify as a witness in framework of instruction of papers of Bárcenas and has pointed out for first time to Genoa in case investigating box B of conservative training. According to legal sources present during arraignment, Costa has told magistrate that PP's regional and national presidents controlled finances.

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Over almost two hours of declaration, former Secretary-General has insisted that his position imply that he had "political and management powers" of accounts. "But above me was President," he emphasized, in reference to camps, who already pointed out in or cases by illegal financing, such as Valencian branch of plot Gürtel and open for alleged payment of commissions for construction of circuit of Valencia Formula 1.

This hierarchical structure also, as continued this Wednesday coast, was also repeated in national PP. "It was reproduced identically in case of an absolutely hierarchical party," said Enrique Santiago, an IU lawyer, who acts as a popular indictment in case. In addition, he added that regional manager did not depend on local party, but chose it directly in Genoa and accounted for central PP.

"He also said that it was customary for camps to have a multitude of envelopes and that re was a safe in an office where cash was usually kept for electoral acts," said IU's lawyer on statement of former number two of Popular Valencianos, who held that position between 2007 and 2009, when Mariano Rajoy was president of Conservative formation.

A story that has been completed with anor episode that occurred in 2008. According to legal sources, Costa has counted on Wednesday that Jose Maria Mayor Oreja, former president of FCC and bror of Jaime Mayor Oreja — former minister of Interior during stage of José María Aznar — gave him in hand 150,000 euros in banknotes of 500. José María Mayor appears in papers of Bárcenas. "This money was for financing of electoral campaigns, specifically for generals of 2008", has sentenced Santiago on alleged contributions of entrepreneurs who subsequently obtained government awards in hands of PP.

This statement was made this Wednesday after Vicente Cotino, president of Seden Works and services SA and nephew of Juan Cotino (PP) — former president of Corts Valencianes — refused on Tuesday to declare as imputed. Magistrate José de la Mata, who instructs cause of papers of Bárcenas, quoted him after sentence of Valencian branch of Gürtel, where he was sentenced to one year and three months in prison after reaching an agreement of prosecutor for having paid commissions to PP for log RAR after awards.

Costa, who was also sentenced in that trial to four years, has taken advantage of his statement this Wednesday as a witness to report to judge that he is receiving anonymous threats since he admit before prosecution and in trial of Gürtel existence of a Accounting B and start collaborating with justice. According to legal sources, exdirector of PP has reported that he receives messages and calls from strangers against him and his family. As he said, he believes that y come from business sectors.

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