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Carmena demands to control the list to be a candidate in 2019

The mayor of Madrid wants to influence 10 names of the upcoming candidacy now Madrid

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Carmena demands to control the list to be a candidate in 2019

The mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, is closer to formalize her next candidacy for municipal elections of 2019 in list of now Madrid, but not without fixing some conditions before. The councilor will not take step without making sure that at least 10 names of future candidacy are of ir strict confidence (currently has 20 elected councillors). Among m would be councilmen of current government and some advisors of local executive. Carmena's bet is to improve efficiency and reduce heterogeneity of an already fragmented team.

Once you define your strategy in Catalonia, Pablo Iglesias party has anor important front: How to revalidate city hall of capital of Spain. For this, everyone in now Madrid, coalition formed by we can, IU, Equo and win, know that without Carmen possibility that 520,000 voters who deposited ir ballot two years ago do it again in 2019 are very scarce. The polls reflect unifying role of councilor and since we can, party that heads now Madrid, pressures have intensified so that it repeats as number one of list.

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Municipal sources and local government members reveal that mayor is "with strength" to follow. But not at any price. The condition that Carmena puts on table is elaboration of an electoral list that guarantees, in case of victory, an effective government and less towards radical positions. Among names that mayor demands to continue noteworthy is delegate of equity, Marta Higueras, a criminal mediator linked from beginning of her career to former judge. With it, would be councillor of environment, Inés Sabanés, and or councilmen who come from associative fabric and have gained confidence of councilor, among or things for her scant zeal for protagonism. Carmena could also include some advisors (former administrative leaders and legal world figures) who are part of ir hard core.

Carmena demands, above all, that future executive be disciplined. The previous list of now Madrid added very different forces, from environmentalists to municipalists, which affected internal equilibrium. Over se two years, this heterogeneity has caused not a few headaches to mayor. Four councilmen of now Madrid have been reproved by plenary, two are involved in an alleged case of prevarication and ors have generated conflicts both with PSOE, partner Investiture Carmena, as with or administrations, such as Ministry of Finance, that have hindered management.

Statements by Secretary General of We can in community of Madrid, Ramón Espinar, on four councillors of Alcalá. Video: ATLAS

Or municipal sources point out that it is still early for an official announcement by Carmena. They believe that it could happen during first months of next year, but insist that nothing is decided yet and that talking about lists and candidacies is at this time premature and "speculative".

Carmena's analysis, however, coincides with that of we can. The party that leads Pablo Iglesias is not willing to converge in a now Madrid that is not renewed. In distribution of power parcels, for example, we may want to pick up ir share and are willing to force minority actors to lower ir demands or orwise be presented on ir own.

The agreement reached between Pablistas and Errejonistas to appoint former Jemad Julio Rodríguez as secretary general of Can Madrid gives formation more balance. Rodriguez's name circulated before summer as a possible substitute for Carmena for mayor's office and his choice in we can let us understand that this option is not entirely discarded. Neverless, sources of direction of formation and councillors who belong to we can have reiterated in se months his bet that Carmena repeats.

In this scenario, role of United Left, second most relevant party of coalition, is blurred. IU advocates reediting 2015 scheme, with primary and proportional representation. At moment, it acts defending most radical acronyms of coalition, but at same time it remembers that at national level its bet is candidacy of "Popular unity" with We can, which leaves in air its final decision.

Domino effect

The next weeks and months will be key to understand if conditions that mayor puts on table will be accepted. The decision will have a domino effect on or formations. The PP, for example, main force of opposition, works to propose in 2019 a candidate that allows m to recover lost City Hall after 20 years of government. Among names of betting is that of Pablo Casado, one of new faces of organization, although in municipal group, led by José Luis Martínez-Almeida, do not rule out election of an elderly leader.

The PSOE, which in 2015 reached only nine seats and who lives with a certain convulsion stage of external support to Government of Carmena, should also clarify its strategy. Cristina Narbonne, president of PSOE, ruled out to be candidate for city Council. It will be in Ferraz where future candidate is decided and political line of municipal group, currently directed by Purification Causapié, but in which different socialist families coexist, with very diverse readings on benefits of seconding Carmena.

For its part, citizens, training led in Madrid by Begoña Villacís, is party that at moment seems to have more clear its future. Villacís is a member of National Committee of Party of Albert Rivera and his leadership in group is not questioned. In addition, it has a very active profile in social networks, where many of voters move that in 2015 gave ir vote to now Madrid. However, all parties expect Carmena to be first to move card.

An announcement awaiting first semester of 2018

Municipal sources insisted on Tuesday that mayor will not announce her decision on her candidacy for 2019 this year. Everything suggests that Manuela Carmena will explain her intentions between January and June 2018. Much will depend on pressures it receives, y recognize, but also of response that give to ir conditions parties that make up now Madrid. Despite reluctance of mayor, rumors about her candidacy multiplied after alderman Marta Higueras, right hand of councilor, said in month of September that door was open to be presented to upcoming elections Municipal. "We all think she's best candidate." "Right now door is not closed," he said. Still, or sources close to mayor warn: "Rumors are used to generate noise." "The truth is that re is enough for an announcement about your candidacy."


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