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Casado and Santamaría keep in Congress their first meeting after the primaries

The Exvice-president arrives at the appointment promising unity and ensuring that he will remain in politics without asking for any position

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Casado and Santamaría keep in Congress their first meeting after the primaries

The president of PP, Pablo Casado, and who was his rival in primaries, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, are gared from ten thirty in Morning in Congress. This is his first meeting, a crucial appointment to sew wounds after conclave held this weekend in which married was elected new leader of party. The encounter that occurs with case of his master planning again.

Santamaría has come to meeting promising that he will work for "unity" of party and that is available to him because he will continue in politics, but "without asking for any position." "I don't come to talk about me. I will continue in politics, but I do not need any position, "said Santamaría in statements to journalists on his arrival in lower house. The candidate for presidency of PP wanted to make clear that now important thing is that party is "united" and that everyone feels represented in future team of new leader. "What is least person of candidate, that I am, that I am going to stay here without any need," he insisted.

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According to sources close to new popular leader, Casado wants to have party united to upcoming election appointments and have greatest support possible in case of being imputed by his master. Santamaría and his team want to facilitate that transition, although in ir ranks re are those who have already decided to leave politics. Both sides want to see that y integrate and want to be integrated, but commitments acquired by married make it difficult for m to be in positions of more responsibility, like General Secretariat.

This position will be agreed married to Maria Dolores de Cospedal, wants to be a woman and must leave list that presented last Saturday to Congress, covered by ir commitments acquired during campaign: those who supported him from beginning and who joined Block against Santamaría, fundamentally cospedalistas. Sources of guidance of PP and crew of married point to pains Montserrat or Esperanza Oña.

In environment of Vice-President of Government underline that it is married that, as leader, should lead baton of this meeting and make ir proposals for integration to Santamaría. They also say that it is not so much to offer charges on part of married and to propose tasks and papers in new PP, and do not want to make cabals on names that could be incorporated.

After meeting with Santamaría, Casado will have to finish configuring his dome and areas of new PP, which will be ratified in National Executive committee next Thursday in Barcelona. Casado has wanted to move appointment to Catalonia to launch an "unmistakable" message that y intend to give battle after collapse of last autonomic elections — PP did not get votes needed to form a parliamentary group.

Casado has heard during last two days opinion of his predecessors in front of party, Mariano Rajoy, José María Aznar and Antonio Hernández Mancha, who has received at headquarters of PP in Genoa Street.

The leader of PP is expecting an intense day in which in addition to his meeting with Sáenz de Santamaría and finish designing his address has, in afternoon, anor key meeting: will be received by king at Palacio de la Zarzuela at six d ELA late.

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