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Catalan businessmen urge to form government in the face of the investment halt

The Catalan patron saint, who has ended up fractured by the procés, was betting on a constitutionalist government

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Catalan businessmen urge to form government in the face of the investment halt

Catalan businessmen urge independence parties to form a stable government that is tight to law to unlock investments that political uncertainty keeps frozen. The Catalan patron saint, who has ended up fractured by procés, was betting on a constitutional government. And, while broad sectors applauded application of article 155, business organizations regret that lack of government impedes deployment of new industrial projects or policies also agreed with trade unions.

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Barcelona is preparing this month to host its largest economic event, Mobile World Congress. After image of city was touched abroad by escape of social headquarters and collapse of tourism, mayor Ada Colau put her efforts in an act that transmitted to its organizers an image of institutional unity that was not produced since PA Sado Autumn The three administrations fought in Brussels by European Medicine Agency, which finally Catalan capital lost.

Municipal sources explain that mayor personally called government delegate, Enric Millo; To President of Parliament, Roger Torrent; And to president of Telefónica, José María Álvarez-Pallete. They all came. John Hoffman, director of GSMA and organizer of Congress, reiterated need for a "stable and safe" climate and moved m that this act should serve Catalan authorities to regain lost confidence.

The first data of closing of 2018 indicate that political instability did not curb growth of community. The effects of procés should be sought in extra economic growth that would have occurred if tourism and retail sales had not fallen. But risks have not vanished. Although in its latest report on Catalan economy continues to be stripped of iron, Generalitat admits that last year 2,536 companies moved to or communities and, according to Mercantile registry, each day continue formalizing formalities of a score of companies. The alarms jumped this week when German multinational Agrolab discarded Tarragona for a laboratory that would generate 200 jobs and whose construction was announced since 2016. Finally, it will be in Burgos.

German firms

German firms have not been most active in transfer of social headquarters. However, knowledgeable sources of se multinationals explain that procés is part of check list that y must send to ir matrices to start up new projects. The activity of se companies, most of m industrial, continues at cruising speed by export record, but se sources explain that ir groups are not launching new projects in face of uncertainty of political context. A survey by German Chamber of Commerce in Spain in October warned that 40% of companies believed that instability would affect investment decisions. And on a global board, se groups can decide to place new projects in ir European plants, for example, instead of Catalonia. One of main law firms in Barcelona corroborates this: Although transfer of offices has calmed down, large investments that were being forged in first half of 2017 remain in stalemate.

The community, for now, continues to grow. But risk of conflict being encysted and what business sources call "silent offshoring"--that investments are halted or companies carry projects where y have ir social headquarters--has led entrepreneurship to urge to Formation of a government. "We must warn of risk that political conflict can affect attraction and retention of talent and location of investments," warned President of Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, Miquel Valls. Also this week president of Fomento, Joaquim Gay de Montellà, demanded that parties reach an agreement to constitute an executive. "What can not be is to be without government, because it is very unfavourable to economy and company," he said. Gay de Montellà said that, after implementation of 155, "day-to-day" administration works. "But without government re are no plans, no programs, no agreements," he lamented. And among outstanding performances are those of Pact for industry, frozen since it was signed in summer.

The procés has fractured employer unit in Catalonia. This week foment decided suspension as a partner of Cecot, organization of industrial regions of Vallès, after numerous clashes that have had, among or things, for participation in forums and sovereigntists entities. Fomento does not hide its preferences for a constitutional government, and even asked leader of citizens, Inés Arrimadas, to try to incorporate it. "We understand that a Unionist government at this stage is more in line with structure and legal articulation we have in Spain and Catalonia," said Gay de Montellà in Catalunya Ràdio.

This gives an account of chasm that separates Junts per Catalunya today, and especially Carles Puigdemont, from patronal cupolas. Especially after campaign made several derogatory allusions to large companies. Neir promotion of work nor lobby of economic circle have contacted Puigdemont or its environment. "Our position would not do any good at all," admits sources close to se domes, which recall that y met with him, without success, to call elections and renounce Declaration of independence.

Objective: To save international image of Barcelona

After relief that has led to fact that industrial and export activity continues with its good pace, entrepreneurship now wants to curb risks faced by economy in medium term.

Employers ' sources assume that many of business venues will not return and are missing some projects that should be launched in community. The objective now is to save great asset that Catalan economy has had during crisis: Barcelona brand.

To this end, businessmen and politicians of city have gone out to look for investments, to promote city and have brought journalists and influencers to relaunch appeal of Catalan capital. The great litmus test will be most important international Congress hosting Catalan capital: Mobile World Congress. "It's our big showcase. Everything must come out perfect, "y warn from a business organization.


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