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Citizens and PSC criticize that Parliament asks for the release of prisoners

The CUP calls for a full inauguration to make President Puigdemont

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Citizens and PSC criticize that Parliament asks for the release of prisoners

Citizens and Catalan socialists have criticized this morning independence bloc, in plenary of Parliament, for ir proposal to claim release of "All deputies and ex-deputies of this House who are in prison". "It is outrageous to decide in Parlament who has to get out of jail," said head of ranks of citizens, Inés Arrimadas. "As a legislative power we cannot tell judiciary what to do," added PSC deputy Ferran Pedret. The CUP, for its part, has demanded that anor session be convened as soon as possible to invest Carles Puigdemont, who is in Germany waiting for his extradition to be decided.

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The session began at 10 a.m. and debated two proposals for resolution of Junts per Catalunya, ERC and CUP, in which, taking advantage of pronouncements of UN Human Rights Committee, Carles Puigdemont's figure is vindicated and his "right" to be vested President, as well as "political rights" of deputies imprisoned or in "exile". "We have not renounced to invest President Carles Puigdemont," clarified Congresswoman Gemma Geis, of Junts per Catalunya. "The presidency of Generalitat should not go through a Spanish toga but by Parlament", he insisted.

Since ERC, former athlete Anna Caula has insisted on what she considers a judicialization of Catalan politics. "Parliament has to decide president of Catalonia, not courts." It has also called for recommendations of UN Committee to be obeyed as "Spain is losing its credibility drop by drop."

A moment of plenary of Parliament of Catalonia this Wednesday. Massimiliano Minocri

The plenary is expected to start at 10.00 and vote will go ahead without difficulty, as list of Puigdemont, ERC and CUP add up to 68 exact votes that are needed. The Commons, for ir part, have submitted a motion for a resolution on that same line.

The agenda also includes a proposal of citizens, group with most seats, and which calls for reproving of President of Parliament, Roger Torrent, for which he considers his lack of institutional neutrality. The PSC will, for its part, submit to members a proposal calling for promotion of dialogue between different forces to promote a "process of national reconciliation". Finally, Catalan Ombudsman will present an extensive report on police proceedings on 1 October, day referendum was held that Supreme Court declared illegal. The camera session will be extended in afternoon.

The three independence groups presented se resolutions and forced celebration of plenary after arrest of Puigdemont in Germany and to warn of "exceptional" situation that is lived in Parlament because it cannot invest candidate who estimates Timely. Despite fact that vote is expected to go ahead without any difficulties, motions for resolutions will not serve to desencallar legislature in Catalonia, since in no case is it equivalent to holding of an investiture debate.

The plenary on Wednesday will be held only a week after Turull submitted to an investiture session that did not prosper, day before Supreme Court decreed his entry into custody for an alleged crime of rebellion and embezzlement. On same day, Judge Pablo Llarena also agreed to prosecute 25 people for crimes related to independence process and entry into prison of four or deputies — Carme Forcadell, Raül Romeva, Dolors Bassa and Josep Rull — in parallel with departure Of country of leader of ERC Marta Rovira. The following day, in which it was to be second round of investiture of Turull, plenary already discussed "exceptionality" of political moment, although vote was suspended when candidate was absent.


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