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Citizens celebrate their most massive act in the conquest of the metropolitan area

Arrimadas and Rivera Challenge the Catalans of Andalusian roots to vote massively on 21-D

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Citizens celebrate their most massive act in the conquest of the metropolitan area

Citizens have celebrated this Sunday in middle of central campaign event in one of its electoral bastions: L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, second most populous city in Catalonia and a symbol of transformation of so-called red belt of Barcelona — Traditionally loyal to PSC — on orange belt. Some 4,000 people, according to party's data, came to proclaim "president" Inés Arrimadas at most massive rally organized by citizens in Catalonia to date. "No one can stay at home, we have victory at hand," Arrimadas spurred his own, who promised to end procés.

Little new political content was in an act that served citizens to prop up involvement of ir sympathizers in face of 21-D. The formation of Albert Rivera — who went to L'Hospitalet along with entire cupola — is aware that to be most voted force not only in votes (as polls anticipate), but also in seats, he needs a wide mobilization of metropolitan area of Barcelona. Therefore, Act was full of winks to its neighbors, many of m (or ir parents) born outside of Catalonia, especially in Andalusia.

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"They have tried to break a heart in which three flags fit. I have Andalusian flag, and I know many of you too, "said Arrimadas, born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1981 and arrived in Barcelona for work. The Chirigota El Selu acted in homage to this birthplace of Cadiz and interpreted, among ors, a piece that narrates vicissitudes of Jordi Pujol and his wife, Marta Ferrusola, about fortune y kept hidden from Hacienda in Andorra. "I don't want anyone to have to take a passport to come and see us (...) Those who steal have been corrupt of 3% and not our relatives of rest of Spain, "Arrimadas insisted in that message.

Four days after election, Arrimadas insisted on need to go to polls. "I assure you that you will not repent and explicaréis your grandchildren with pride," he said appealing to epic. The citizens ' sympathizers hailed it with three flags (La Rojigualda, la Senyera and La Europea) in pavilion of Fira de L'Hospitalet.

"We have to sit at table and not rise until we get a government for all Catalans," defends leader of party

After a performance of aerial acrobatics — artist used a huge orange fabric, of course — Rivera intervened to close event. The citizens ' leader also appealed to voters with Andalusian and Castilian roots. He reminded his grandparents that y "came to Catalonia to raise this country." "As thousands we have fars or mors born in or parts of Catalonia. That is my Catalonia, Catalonia of all, where everyone fits. "

Rivera once again appealed to need to participate in polls on 21-D and called useful vote. "You can't miss a vote, let no one stay at home (...) We will come from very little to win Republican Esquerra. " Once won win, Rivera promised to do everything possible to form a constitutional government. "We have to sit at table and not stand up until we get a new government for all Catalans." He appealed to undecided and, in particular, those who "doubt between citizens and PSC." "If you vote for PSC," he said, "You don't know where your vote goes; But no one doubts that a vote to citizens will stop procés. " Rivera recalled Socialists ' alliances with Esquerra during tripartite government (2003-2010). "We've already been played many times." The public, which was already predisposed, was satisfied and Conjurord in midst of a shot of confetti, also orange. "This game, we're going to win!"


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