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Citizens close ranks with Rajoy on the application of article 155

Rivera's Party considers it insufficient to call for a non-DUI election to curb government intervention

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Citizens close ranks with Rajoy on the application of article 155

Citizens close ranks with government of Mariano Rajoy on activation of article 155. To stop it, party led by Albert Rivera is not worth it with Carles Puigdemont to convene autonomous elections without proclaiming a unilateral declaration of independence (DUI), as has been assured by PSOE in last hours. "The only way to not apply it is to return to democracy, to statute and to Constitution and to ensure free and safe elections," says president of country's fourth political force. Although, of course, according to sources of direction, formation does not shuffle that scenario because it doubts "much" that President Recule in all this.

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"I do not believe that Puigdemont will convene elections, give invalid laws of September 6 and 7 and be available to institutional neutrality." I do not think he does because it does not coincide with anything he has done so far, said Juan Carlos Girauta, spokesperson for Citizens in Congress this week. "I wish Puigdemont would enter into a lucid attack." "But I have very little hope," said Inés Arrimadas, leader of party in Catalonia. A whole battery of statements that have occurred after training executive, on Monday, unanimously endorsed in Senate implementation of measures proposed by Government under article 155. "Applying Constitution is not an option, it's an obligation," Rivera repeats.

Citizens only work at present with a main scenario: call of autonomous elections after intervention of Generalitat by executive. "And it is Government that must ensure that upcoming elections are free, safe and uncoerced," Rivera said on Wednesday at Congress, where he has challenged Rajoy to call polls "ASAP." "I do not trust neir Puigdemont nor Junqueras because I have seen president of choice counting votes in referendum," he has apostilled president of training, after insisting that "Spain, as a state, has to guarantee outcome of elections [ Catalan] ".

"A majority of brave Catalans have said ' Basta ' and want to go out to street to vote freely." And, sooner elections in Catalonia can be Puigdemont with votes, added Rivera, who has taken advantage of his intervention in Hemicycle to "show his concern" for position of PSOE. "Do not want same," he said about position of Socialists to deactivate 155 if y call elections without declaring DUI. "is Puigdemont Sedition Committee really going to be in charge of organizing elections?" asked Rivera.


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