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Citizens estimate that he snatched the 21-D about 170,000 voters to the PP and 95,000 to the PSC

The party claims, in an internal report, that it managed to mobilize 150,000 abstentionists

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Citizens estimate that he snatched the 21-D about 170,000 voters to the PP and 95,000 to the PSC

Citizens have already taken account of 21-D and drawn conclusions. According to calculations included in an internal report of campaign team for Catalan elections, candidacy led by Inés Arrimadas managed to snatch 170,000 voters to PP and 95,000 to PSC. "It was most supported party of or formations," insists document, of a clear triumphalist character, which adds that training "has been preferred option" of those who did not attend polls in 2015.

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"Some 150,000 abstentionists and 17,000 new voters (by age) could have opted for orange ballot," estimates report, which analyses an appointment with ballot boxes from which Arrimadas emerged victorious. With 36 seats and more than one million votes, citizens became first non-nationalist party that, for first time, won Catalan elections in number of ballots and deputies. Although, however, y vanished ir chances of taking over government of Generalitat when y encountered absolute majority of independence bloc.

Citizens outlines, despite this setback, a very positive balance of ir performance during campaign. The internal document celebrates as first "key" point that executive was able to anticipate very soon that regional elections would be held in 2017. In January last year, when elections were not yet seen, it was agreed to appoint candidate as a new national spokesperson to give it more prominence. The objective was to present it as "a fundamental actor" of Catalan politics and to highlight its role of "leadership" in opposition to agglutinate constitutional vote.

This strategy, as Citizens ' campaign team concludes, allowed PP to snatch more than 170,000 votes, reducing its support by half. The popular ones became great defeated of 21-D and barely added about 180,000 ballots, compared to nearly 350,000 that y collected in previous appointment with ballot boxes.

The training led by Albert Rivera concludes that y also managed to retain electorate y had trusted two years ago. "We have been Constitutionalist party with greater fidelity of vote. Approximately, 87% of citizens ' voters in 2015 have renewed ir confidence in orange formation, "emphasizes party's internal report, which apostilles:" In percentage terms it is non-independence party that fewer voters have sent to Abstention. "

"Aspects to improve"

The Citizens ' Campaign Directorate considers that much of its success went through its ability to build a "clear message" against independence in a very polarized context of confrontation between two blocs. "[We present] clear proposals around three axes: to recover coexistence and to overcome social fracture; Reversing economic crisis caused by instability and irresponsibility of Government; and regaining Democratic normalcy ", underlines team that designed candidacy of Arrimadas, which also highlights increase in mailing, for first time, was made complete shipment to all citizens of Catalonia registered and, for that, doubled investment in This heading: Went from 371,000 to 750,000 euros.

"We like, even in victories, to know what things can be done better," said Albert Rivera last Monday, after celebration in Madrid of first executive of 2018 of match, where cupola took advantage to analyze results of 21-D. In this line, internal document includes several "aspects to improve to keep growing". Fundamentally, "to have a greater territorial presence in rural areas and small municipalities", where formation finds great difficulties for its implantation since it irrumpiese in political panorama. Although, according to document, it has grown more in less populated provinces and with a strong separatist tradition: 56% in Girona and 46% in Lleida, compared to 41% in Tarragona and 40% in Barcelona.

Citizens take advantage of this report to mark one of political guidelines that, since holding of elections, has focused much of criticism of leadership of party: electoral system that governs in Catalonia and that sobrerrepresenta Constituencies with fewer inhabitants — precisely where separatism wins. According to campaign team's document, training must now have an impact on idea that a new law should be adopted "in which vote of all Catalans is worth what y think."


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