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Citizens rages Susataques to PSC for Capitalizarel non-independence vote

The Socialists, for the time being, prefer to ignore the offensive

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Citizens rages Susataques to PSC for Capitalizarel non-independence vote

The enemy of citizens is independence, but electoral rival is socialism of Miquel Iceta, converted by formation of Albert Rivera in Diana of its most fierce criticisms. Aware that y depart from head office in Constitutionalist bloc, but fearful of a arreón of Iceta, Citizens has launched to jugular of PSC at start of campaign and resurrects its past of alliances with Will. The message: Avoid anor left-wing tripartite. The Socialists, for time being, prefer to ignore offensive.

The citizens ' campaign wants to make it clear to Constitutionalist electorate that PSC cannot be worthy of trust of Catalans seeking real change and ending independence process. The arrival of Pasqual Maragall to power, in 2003, was "equal or worse" than 23 previous years of Pujolism, Rivera said in an act in Granollers (Barcelona). A left-wing tripartite (PSC, ERC and ICV) n ruled in Catalonia after long hegemony of cities. He put accent on social policies — like improvements in neighborhoods — but his flagship project ended up being drafting of a new statute of autonomy. "When he had opportunity, PSC delivered education to ..." He dedicated himself to cleaning image to an independent and radical Party, "insisted Albert Rivera, who omitted, however, that in those seven years of government re was no road secessionist.

Not even former president José Montilla, Cordovan of birth and without a catalanist idea as marked as Maragall's, is saved from burning. "Montilla, Acomplejadamente, spoke ill of Spain." We want Catalonia to be a proud part of Spain, said Rivera se days, very present in campaign and always with an eye on Madrid, aware that is where your political future is played. "All those embassies around world", has repeated in allusion to delegations outside Generalitat, "opened by Mr. Montilla." The critics joined yesterday, day of Constitution, Secretary General of party in an act in Barcelona: "We played a lot." We are not going to leave it in hands of Iceta, who always plays ambiguity. The safe bet is Arrimadas, "said José Manuel Villegas.

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And Arrimadas is not lagging behind in portraying PSC as a soft party, even connivene, with nationalism. The candidate, however, is focusing on describing ills of procés and requiring her to be replaced by a social agenda. Arrimadas speaks of health, education or infrastructure as priorities that Catalan government must recover. This is a terrain that is comfortable with PSC of Iceta and in which citizens — after renouncing, last year, postulates of social democracy — can waver.

The Orange Belt

Born in 2006 — in full years of tripartite — to fight against rise of Catalan nationalism, citizens have been taking ground for Socialists election after election. To point that, what one day was so-called red belt of Barcelona, has been partially transformed into orange belt. This turnaround was visible, above all, in last autonomous elections, polarized already by independence debate. On September 29, 2015, citizens obtained 25 deputies — Arrimadas became chief of opposition — while Iceta achieved only 16. The pre-election survey of Center for Sociological Research (CIS) for 21-D gives both parties a striking growth (five more members each) as a result, above all, of a predictable increase in participation.

The question is how harvest will be distributed. Because origin of conflict between citizens and PSC is precisely that: that both sow in same fields, those of metropolitan area of Barcelona. In an environment of increasing polarization, party of Rivera snatched Socialists hegemony in 2015.

Now, however, PSC's discourse is more clearly perceived as part of Constitutionalist bloc. Citizens, on or hand, insist on debunking that supposed reliability to contain a possible boom of socialists and maintain ir position of advantage. That's why Rivera appeals to "useful vote" and asks "not to be mistaken for ballots." Its aim is to leave 21-D clearly in lead, and to force Socialists — in case a majority can be formed — to give ir support to Arrimadas. Despite heavy artillery attacks se days, Arrimadas candidate may be interested in a strong PSC. The polls are nothing promising for PP — it would go from 11 to 7 deputies — so only possibility of a constitutionalist government happens because Socialists and mselves give a great leap forward in votes and seats.

Sánchez: "To govern you must know facts of unemployment"


The leader of PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, stressed yesterday in serious slip made by Inés Arrimadas in her debate on television with general secretary of ERC, Marta Rovira. "To preside over Generalitat we must know fact of unemployment", said socialist in reference to candidate of citizens, who gave an incorrect figure of unemployment in Catalonia in program of Jordi Évole. "You would have hung me!" commented Secretary general of PSOE in informal conversation with journalists in acts of 39 anniversary of Constitution in Congress.

Sanchez argues that PSC will get a "good result" on 21-D, and believes that solution is to try to make Miquel Iceta a president, because Constitutionalist bloc — citizens, PSC and PP — is not going to add on its own. You will need support of Commons, and se are not going to make Arrimadas president. And y're going to make Iceta president? Sánchez pointed out his doubts that Pablo Iglesias has "enough influence" on Colau party to decide its position.


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