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Citizens will not support Sánchez's motion

Villegas the solution is not the opportunism of the PSOE, which seems to come to the Moncloa by all means "

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Citizens will not support Sánchez's motion

Citizens rule out supporting motion of censure of Pedro Sanchez. The general secretary of Citizens, José Manuel Villegas, has announced that his training will not give his votes to motion that has been recorded this morning PSOE: "In that motion is not going to be citizens. The solution is not opportunism of Sanchez, who seems to want to reach Moncloa by all means, "he said.

Villegas has announced that Sanchez had not talked to citizens about his motion, "so he has not garnered our support and I guess he will have achieved support of independentists and populists." Rivera's party will vote against Sanchez's motion because "we are not going to be in agreed years in office and much less supported by separatists and populists," said Villegas.

Villegas has asked Sanchez to withdraw his motion and to go toger n to talk to Rajoy to ask for elections. The president cannot now dissolve chamber if re is a motion of censure in process, according to article 115 of Constitution.

If y go toger to ask Rajoy to convene and president refuses and "entrenches in Moncloa despite ir cases of corruption", option of citizens would negotiate with or forces an instrumental motion to go to elections. The party of Albert Rivera does not have enough seats to push a motion: to do so we need 35 deputies, but his group is only 32, so I would need support of anor party. That's just plan B for citizens: "Our plan is for Rajoy to call elections. If not, n we will push that motion of censure and seek support, "said Villegas in sixth.

Citizens believe that time has come to stop having a government surrounded by cases of corruption in face of Catalan challenge: "Spain cannot afford to continue with a weak government and we need a strong and legitimate one," he said. Citizens dismiss however an immediate electoral call because "you have to act quickly but serenely," said Villegas. "Budgets need to be approved to come into operation and decide what we do with 155 and approve an extension in Senate," he added.


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