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Citizens would today be the most voted party in a general election

The party of Rivera ahead of the PP while the PSOE Pedro Sanchez remains in third position to two points of the formation of Mariano Rajoy

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Citizens would today be the most voted party in a general election

The data of survey of Metroscopia only serve to measure a state of mood, because at this time nothing seems to indicate that re may be an electoral advancement and refore re is in electorate tension that precedes a poll. However, it is significant that for first time position of citizen dominance appears so resounding in still picture of a survey.

It has much to do with great success achieved in Catalan autonomous elections of 21-D by Inés Arrimadas, candidate of citizens. The secessionist challenge has monopolized Spanish political debate of last year and has installed in society feeling that it was most serious challenge faced by Spanish democracy in recent decades. The electorate has undergone a clear polarization within Catalonia and a need for clear and firm answers to this threat in rest of Spain. A large part of citizenship, as reflected in results of Metroscopia survey, has appreciated clear and firm position of formation of Albert Rivera in defense of constitutional order. Although formally it was an autonomous elections, Catalan electorate has understood that elections of 21-D were really a way to finally delimit who occupied position of force, wher independence or constitutionalism. Thus, formation of Albert Rivera has been able to represent, for a large number of Catalans, option that more clearly has planted face to secessionism.

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The party of Albert Rivera gets, according to survey, to be most voted in most of urban nuclei and one that more support obtains in all segments of age and economic situation. This transversality, which definitively breaks traditional bipartisanship that has prevailed in Spanish politics in last decades, opens possibilities of forming different majorities: well a block of center right ( sum of citizens with PP would obtain 50.3% of support of electorate), eir a center-left bloc ( citizens ' forces and PSOE amount to 48.7% of backups).

Citizens manages to snatch votes from rest of main parties, but it is undoubtedly that y get more of PP fishing than PSOE or we can. In this sense, it is revealing that sum of center right exceeds that of left-wing forces in about 14 points, and thus breaks accepted conventionalism for years that in Spain was majority of left-center electorate. The setback of we can, just four years after its surprising breakthrough in politics, and stagnation of socialism led by Pedro Sanchez compel more urgent than ever to Spanish left to rethink its priorities and projects in Spain Of 21st century.


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