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Colau proposes the rapprochement of the leaders of the ' procés ' in prison to detension the territorial crisis

The mayor of Barcelona asks Sanchez that the government "is not complacent"

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Colau proposes the rapprochement of the leaders of the ' procés ' in prison to detension the territorial crisis
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  • The government takes first steps to detension Catalan crisis
  • Colau claims Congress to regulate "abusive" rise in rents

Ada Colau has proposed to Government of Pedro Sánchez approach to Catalan prisons of leaders of procés in prison. "To resume dialogue, it is very important that government shows a change in prison policy. That se people are in prison is an anomaly and generates a distortion. It alters dialogue and mistreats ir families. His approach is in hands of Government of Sanchez, "said mayor of Barcelona. The leader of Commons has also demanded that president "not be complacent" given his parliamentary weakness in Congress and with Senate controlled by absolute majority of PP. "It is not ideal situation to govern Spain with 84 deputies [of PSOE] as The city Council of Barcelona with 11 councillors ", councilor has set an example. His training broke his government pact with PSC last November.

The councilor has justified presence of a yellow ribbon on façade of Barcelona City Council for "exceptionality" stage in Catalonia. "We have no gain of putting a yellow ribbon permanently on facade. More than anyone we want, do not frivolizaría with this. That re are political leaders who are in prison without committing violence is an anomaly, "repeated Colau. The mayor insisted that Catalan crisis "judicially not going to solve" but "it will get worse." "We have an open judicial process that makes dialogue worse. They are people democratically elected by two million people, "he said.

As a solution to conflict Colau believes that one can consider "recovering" some points of statute that PP "challenged [to Constitutional Court] and cut and is at origin of a great frustration". "It seems pertinent but not enough", mayor has abounded. The priority is to "normalize relations" between Government of Sánchez and Generalitat that presides over it.

Manuela Carmena, or reference for excellence of municipalities of change governed by we can and its municipal allies, has presented his counterpart of Barcelona in an event organized by Forum Europe to which have attended leaders of can as Irene Montero, spokesman in Parliament; Ángel Gabilondo, spokesman of PSOE in Assembly of Madrid and future candidate in autonomics of 2019; And ExJemad and secretary general of We can in capital. Carmena, who with her words has excited protagonist of meeting, has highlighted "mental agility" and ability to "listen and find solutions" of his counterpart, 30 years younger and as she governs in a minority.

Concrete measures

Colau has acknowledged "important gestures" that new executive has had-with a cabinet with greatest presence of ministers-but has urged President of government to "transform into concrete laws and policies" such as equality of permits of Equal and non-transferable paternity and morhood and regulation of "abusive" rise in rents. "Sanchez has decided to rule in a minority, in solitude, but to pass specific policies he will need to build larger majorities. It will take a lot of dialogue, agreement and negotiation, "emphasized Colau.

Gabilondo has also encouraged new government to approve "concrete, efficient and solvent measures to address emergency issues". "I hope that in this first Council of Ministers and in following government will make concrete proposals to maintain that which is called illusion (...) And n major projects will need ir time, but I think re are things that can be done already. I would modestly ask that y be done immediately, "he observed.


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