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Congress rejects Rosa María Mateo's appointment in first round

The PDeCAT, which had amagado with withdrawing its support to the government, votes finally in favor together with PSOE, we can ERC and PNV

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Congress rejects Rosa María Mateo's appointment in first round

The Congress of Deputies has rejected this Wednesday in first round appointment of journalist Rosa Maria Mateo as sole interim administrator of RTVE on a proposal from government. Lacking support of two thirds of chamber (234 votes), an eighth plenary with an absolute majority (176 votes) will be required to implement Decree law approved by Government on 22 June to force relay of corporate dome , whose errand had been prescribed. Of 288 votes cast, 168 have supported appointment against three blanks and 177 considered null. The proposal of Government has been supported by PSOE, United we can, PNV, ERC, PDeECAT and Compromís.

The result of vote was foreseeable, although not sense of vote of PDeCAT, party become an occasional partner of government and PSOE and which has redirected its positions after triumph of sis of Catalan former president Carles Puigdemont in Congress of Last weekend. His parliamentary spokesman, Carles Campuzano, had pointed out that vote of his four deputies present in plenary (four ors had not been a decisive vote) would not be revealed until last moment. After vote, Campuzano has ensured that his party has supported appointment of Matw and will also do so in plenary on Friday. "It was a decision taken," he said, alienating any post-Congress influence from his training.

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As was taken for granted, neir PP nor citizens have supported Matw. Only PNV and united we can forward ir favorable vote and, with se two groups, PSOE adds 156 votes, but has achieved 12 more. Finally, it has been supported by members of ERC and PDeCAT. The vote was secret, with ballot and ballot box. The ERC Independentists have nine deputies and those of PDeCAT, Ocho, New Canary One and Canarian coalition one, but this Wednesday were missing deputies of all parties in plenary "for not being definitive", as y have justified several parties. All se groups chose side of government party in previous votes on RTVE and both ERC and PDeCAT have confirmed that y will also on Friday, so election of Matw, except unforeseen, is guaranteed.

Before vote, he met at ten o'clock in morning at request of PP to decide wher to summon appointments committee in order to make candidate appear and to assess his suitability for office. This procedure is not envisaged in decree regulating appointment of sole administrator, as has been reproached by both PSOE and PNV during shift of position fixing. The PP proposal has been rejected by 33 votes against 30 and plenary has been given way.

The Minister spokesman of executive, Isabel Celaá, gave this Tuesday for insurance necessary parliamentary support on Friday and defined Matw as "a figure of reconocidísimo prestige and a person referring in journalistic world, in and out of television Spanish ". "The government does not contemplate a lack of endorsement for Rosa Maria Mateo. We can't even conceive of it. It is a professional reconocidísima and will also have all consensus of all parliamentary forces that endorsed royal decree last June. It will be strengned as a single provisional administrator of that vote, "said Celaá.

If on Friday votes are finally achieved, Mateo will manage rtve, although his position is transitory, until public competition that is already underway is resolved to elect new board of Directors of RTVE. According to calendar marked for this process, new dome of corporation is expected to be elected between September and October.

In fact, and in parallel with this vote for single administrator, parliamentary groups are electing Council of Experts to examine applicants who are submitting to new Council. This same Wednesday, and after plenary session, Joint Congress-Senate commission for parliamentary Control of RTVE meets to accept experts proposed by different parties, with aim of constituting this organ first week of August.

Controversial PP proposals

The proposals of Popular group to be part of Committee of Experts have unleashed a strong controversy among workers of RTVE, who wonder wher it is ethically acceptable to incorporate to that committee executives of corporation that are currently active and On whose continuity next president will have to decide.

Among 12 experts that has proposed PP (only five) to evaluate candidacies to Council of RTVE and presidency of corporation is current director of 2, José Manuel Hidalgo. He was appointed to this position in first big package of changes in TVE that Eladio Jareño made after being named director of TVE.

In this round of appointment, which was approved by Board of Directors of RTVE, also included appointment of Edith Martínez Odriozola as director of area of culture and society, which is now part of list of experts proposed by PP to elect The corporate leadership of corporation.

Among names presented by PP in register of Congress is also that of María José del Pilar Bernal, who in 2014 joined Management Directorate of Informative programs Daily, not daily, correspondents and territorial centers, a Trusting position of management team. That same year he was appointed Director of Territorial center of RTVE Juan Roldán, which is also part of 12 experts presented by PP.

José Luis González, included in list of PP, has been deputy director of program of TVE breakfasts and territorial centers of RTVE. In addition, he has coordinated magazine on morning of 1 and currently coordinates personnel management in public television news services.

Anor of names proposed by PP is that of Andrés Martín Velasco, who currently forms part of Board of Directors of Corporation by ranks of that party.

The Decree law regulating renewal of leadership of RTVE establishes that Committee of Experts will be composed of persons of recognized professional competence, teaching or research in field of communication and with experience accredited in same Not less than ten years. It adds that principle of balanced presence of women and men will be respected in its composition.

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