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Congress today votes the election of Rosa Maria Mateo to direct RTVE

By not having the 234 votes required to be elected in the first round, a second ballot will be held on Friday

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Congress today votes the election of Rosa Maria Mateo to direct RTVE

The Congress of Deputies will hold this Wednesday an extraordinary plenary to put to vote appointment of journalist Rosa Maria Mateo as sole provisional administrator of RTVE on a proposal from government. This is seventh plenary dedicated to public broadcasting.

The Permanent Council has met at ten o'clock in morning to decide wher to convene appointments committee, so that candidate can appear and evaluate its suitability for position, as requested by People's group. This procedure is not envisaged in decree regulating appointment of sole administrator. The time of start of plenary is contingent on decision taken at Permanent Council.

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To be appointed interim sole administrator, Matw needs backing of two-thirds of lower house on first ballot (234 votes) or absolute majority (176) and support of half of parliamentary groups in a second round, which would have to be held Last 48 hours, I mean, Friday. By not counting today with necessary votes because PP has already advanced that it will not support it, government's hope is set on Friday. Nor will y give yes to Albert Rivera, who are planning to leave Hemicycle as a protest for process launched by Government to renew RTVE.

For moment, only PNV and united we can advance ir support Matw. With se two groups, PSOE adds 156 votes in favor, so it would need to have independentists of ERC nine deputies) and those of PDeCAT (eight), as well as New Canary (one) and Canarian Coalition (one), which in previous votes on RTVE and voted alongside Government party, in order to reach absolute majority on Friday.

Between Wednesday and Friday will be appreciated if eventual hardening of position of PDeCAT begins with vote of Matw. Now reasons for opposition are difficult to justify, since development of law has been put in place, which will lead to choice of Council of RTVE and its President within a period of no more than three months.

The Minister spokesman of executive, Isabel Celaá, gave yesterday Tuesday for guaranteed parliamentary support necessary for appointment of Mateo, whom he defined as "a figure of reconocidísimo prestige and a person referring in journalistic world, within and Out of Spanish television. "

"The government does not contemplate a lack of endorsement for Rosa Maria Mateo. We can't even conceive of it. It is a professional reconocidísima and will also have all consensus of all parliamentary forces that endorsed royal decree last June. It will be strengned as a single provisional administrator of that vote, "said Celaá.

The application of Decree law to renew urgently and temporarily dome of RTVE has already led to celebration of six plenary sessions in July, a month that does not usually have parliamentary activity, so courts had to enable an extraordinary calendar of Sessions.

If you get 176 apt, Mateo will manage rtve, although his position is transitory, until public competition is resolved that is already underway, to elect new board of Directors of RTVE. According to calendar marked for this process, new dome of corporation is expected to be elected between September and October.

In fact, and in parallel with this vote for single administrator, parliamentary groups are electing Council of Experts to examine applicants who are submitting to new Council. This same Wednesday, and after plenary session, Joint Congress-Senate commission for parliamentary Control of RTVE meets to accept experts proposed by different parties, with aim of constituting this organ first week of August.

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