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Consip, Gentiloni: "Unacceptable behaviors that discredit the institutions"

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Consip, Gentiloni: "Unacceptable behaviors that discredit the institutions"
The maneuvers that emerge behind management of 'investigation Consip agitate basin political. "Need to clear your head, è in game, sealing Country's democratic", says minister of Foreign affairs, Angelino Alfano, in feast of Ap. The leading center defines "scandalous and disturbing" news emerged from deposition to Csm of prosecutor of Modena on methods d'investigation conducted by pm Woodcock - now being investigated for fake - and by police of Noe. The fact that "everything that comes in newspapers does not a journalist, but complaint with a magistrate", according to Alfano "makes it even more outrageous and criminal act, if news is true, behavior of some subjects". And invites us to get to bottom of checks for understanding "if re'was someone behind, who has acted on behalf of those who".Intervenes, in evening, from feast of 'Unità di Imola, also premier Paolo Gentiloni: "For a Country like ours, credibilityà l'authority of institutions that administer justice and security in se times is a precious asset to protect.". The premier continues: "If re are behaviors that discredit this authorityà I think that y are of behaviors in blast. These institutions I think it may have within it antibodies to prevent" se behaviors, "if necessary to delete m, I trust that those who administer justice, and yet knows how to confirm crediblità. I preccupa that is put in game, this credibilityà" of institutions. "I Am convinced that not sarà così, who has questioned this crediblità streamingà to incriminate strength of institutions". Case Consip, Gentiloni: "Unacceptable discredit institutions of " Share   ALSO READ The premier Imola: "Ius soli? Courage, c'&is, are se numbers""Disturbing" è l' adjective is also used by anor minister, Graziano Delrio, who asks, "truthà, and stabilityà": "c'è need because it; is democracy only if it comes to truthà of facts". Matteo Renzi, figure ended in viewfinder of investigators who are now under indictment, flaunts instead serenityà: "We are ones facing an insincerityà - built--art to mystify things don't react angry, but with smile zen of those who know that truthà sooner or later, arrive. And we are seeing it, becauseé time is a gentleman and plays with our jersey," he said, speaking in Milan at school of politics 'Pier Paolo Pasolini', without making specific reference to'affaire Consip, suggesting in generic terms: "don't be fooled by fake news and re are many, of insincerityà, built ad hoc". Statements that come after those più lit pronounced in a'interview with Paper yesterday in which he spoke of an investigation "to throw mud".But Forza Italia attack: "This doppiopesismo of left and Renzi stinks, is lousy. Not è possible that when you hit left we are to coup, and when it's up to Berlusconi è democracy," says Renato Brunetta, claiming that "if left wants to be credible must do a mea culpa about its history, about what he said when a real coup, colpì Berlusconi and his democratically elected government in 'summer of 2011". And from front of Five-Star Danilo Toninelli operates with a tweet: "The fury of #Renzi against magistrates of #Consip is proof that she is afraid. An act subversive done only to influence l'inquiry!". 


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