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Consip, Renzi: "Used to throw mud on me". The Pd: "Conspiracy against the institutions"

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Consip, Renzi: "Used to throw mud on me". The Pd: "Conspiracy against the institutions"
ROME - "The court case Scafarto takes every day of characters of gravityà unheard of. What are investigations, with which it is essential not to interfere, a' or political reactions". To speak &it is minister of Heritage and activitiesà cultural, Dario Franceschini, on'investigation Consip, that is enriched every day with new details. And, while colonel of carabinieri and Sergio De Caprio, Captain's Last stopò Totò Riina, defends himself from accusations and says that it was magistrate Musti ask him to remain silent with police and prefect, political world asks for clarity."We are learning from newspapers that c'è was an attempt, by every means, to engage premier. One thing is debate inside or outside Pd, one thing clash between parties or attacks to Renzi, but this is a fact which is of a seriousnessà institutional huge, and actions and words of clarity and solidarityà should arrive from all over, opponents, including", è was hard comment, while minister of Justice, Andrea Orlando, given that l'investigation is still open, not believed to be case, say: "On case of Consip, for institutional reasons, it is possible and appropriate that I should intervene. Since this is a story which is; open a'investigation, in no way can I comment on".Meanwhile,  cards sent from Csm and containing minutes of hearing of prosecutor of Modena Lucia Musti on cases, Consip, and Cpl Concordia will be examined because it' beginning of next week, at piazzale Clodio. The prosecutor Giuseppe Pignatone you garà l'added Paolo Ielo and substitute Mario Palaces. Only after having viewed correspondence shipped yesterday afternoon via pec will decide wher to place it in file relating to story of central of purchases of public administration or open a dossier special.• REACTIONSFranceschini is eco, compact, Pd: president of senators of Pd Luigi Zanda, speaks of a conspiracy: "If what we are learning is found to be true, we should conclude that in past years, c'è in Italy it is a real conspiracy, which involved authorities of State, aimed at overthrow of institutions democratically designated by Parliament of Republic. In or times one would have spoken about subversion, if not worse," he said commenting on news appeared today in press, according to which Scafarto and Last would have admitted to wanting to get to's ex-premier.For l'exponent Dem, " excerpts of acts of Higher Council of Judiciary related to a judicial investigation in progress to public prosecutor of Modena, published by some newspapers this morning, have dell'incredible and, if true, are of a seriousnessà unheard of...That which we read today, and that we need to connect to news on stupendous forgery of acts of a court which was to be accomplished by same subjects spoken of by attorney of Modena, presents aspects of extraordinary gravityà institutional since it is obvious l'aim to strike president of Council initiatives that I don't want to comment on".Asks, on Twitter, to get to più soon truthà senator Pd Stefano Esposito: " Police who want to get to Renzi, surveys, constructed at a table? Serves truthà quickly".

Police who want to get to #Renzi, surveys, constructed at a table? Serves truth quickly #consip

— Stefano Esposito (@stefanoesposito) September 15, 2017 "scenario to limits of stroke of State" speaks deputy of democratic Party Michele Anzaldi, announcing presentation in a'question to minister of Defence, Roberta Pinotti: "The words of prosecutor of Modena Lucia Musti on case of Consip, spoken on official venue of audition in front of all'organ of self-government of judiciary or Csm, show a scenario that is definitely scary and alarming, to limits of stroke of State".A story that, says member of parliament of Pd, Gianni Melilla, which should not be underestimated " logic of political opposition... What he cares about is to read those excerpts, words of attack unheard of for a power of constitutional and democratically elected by Parliament. It seems to go back to old seasons in which y plotted against State, political parties and democracy".Concern for what is; revealed è was also expressed by president of Mixed group in Chamber, Pino Pisicchio, according to latest news "reveal split is not reassuring on behaviour of men of institutions, but also size of drift, that reputation of politics has assumed in public opinion. It is as if those who play a political role and his relatives were affected by a sort of legitimate suspicion: for this category of citizens it exists only l'reversal'honor of test. Which forò is ascertained too late. If we add to this desire of protagonism of some pm who perhaps projects into policy by taking advantage of holes in legal framework allow it, damage is nice that consumed".The vice-chairman of group of Wing-Choice of civic Chamber, Massimo Parisi, believes that "we are facing troubling attacks on democracy, actions past and present of representatives of State, consequences of which could and can alter mechanisms that governs our democratic system". And also Fabrizio Cicchitto of popular Alternative speaks of a story of unheard-of gravityà.• NO COMMENT FROM POPE' RENZITiziano Renzi prefers not to comment on latest revelations on 'inquiry: "I have No statements to make," he replied to those who tried to have a joke about news on story, which sees far of secretary of Pd, Matteo Renzi, investigated. Instead, it has responded to its legal, , Federico Bagattini, according to which "seems to recognize same hand. And everything becomes even more disturbing if l's attack was chairman of Board through a distorted use of 'judiciary: we are in a land that is called subversion". As to possible implications with regard to solicitor adds: "From point of view of Tiziano Renzi, do not change anything, if not an additional profile inattendibilità of acts. What c'è for me è already  enough to require l'storage, apart from more inattendabilità and inaffidabilità of acts".


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