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Consip, the Last says enough of the accusations: "No threat to institutions, ready to compare the public"

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Consip, the Last says enough of the accusations: "No threat to institutions, ready to compare the public"
Enough with "grave accusations to be unfounded," sì a "public comparison" to "exercise rights of defence, access to information, citizen". The colonel of Carabinieri and Sergio de Caprio, better known as Captain Last, and intervenes in controversy that involved him, related to story Consip ( interviews with attorney of Modena Lucia Musti, replica of Matteo Renzi, reactions of chairman of Board Gentiloni, and or vertices of institutions), and that he is ready to a public confrontation in which objective is to dispel any doubt as to "difference threats to institutions and or actions subversive" y made reference to "several parliamentarians," "minister of Defence and finally premier".  Case Consip, Gentiloni: "Unacceptable discredit institutions of " Share   The new position of colonel anticipates a crucial week for l'investigation Consip and implications for political-institutional door behind. And that sarà scanned from top to piazzale Clodio between magistrates of dossier for review to 'accusation' Musti and from'audition to Csm of added of Naples on conflicts that arose because it'within power of attorney on modeà of conduct of investigations by prosecutor Henry John Woodcock.The legal colonel De Caprio writes that "in view of l'escalation in media of events related to 'investigation Consip and very serious unfounded accusations addressed to Captain and his carabinieri, we believe you should make it available to a public debate in order to clarify doubts and suspicions about difference threats to democratic institutions and or actions are subversive or illegal attribuiteci by several parliamentarians with instances to parliament, by president of Pd, by minister of Defense, and in last part of chairman of board". "We make ourselves available - continues l'lawyer - a public debate where you can exercise right of defence and of information media, regardless of or initiatives that will have ir course in appropriate venues.".Tomorrow morning, prosecutor Giuseppe Pignatone entriesà l'added Paolo Ielo and pm Mario Palaces, owners of dossier Consip: on table cards sent from Csm and also containing minutes of hearing of prosecutor of Modena Lucia Musti on cases, Consip, and Cpl Concordia in which judge defines greater Giampaolo Scafarto, già investigated by prosecutor for revelation of secret d'office and false, and captain Last, all' time of facts commander of Noe, two "frantic", "bold", as "taken by a delirium of omnipotence". Only after having viewed l'entire correspondence to come from Csm, Pignatone and or magistrates will decide wher to place it in file relating to story of central of purchases of public administration or open a dossier special.Meanwhile, Csm tomorrow tornerà on each or. The first commission, where è opened a procedure for 'transfer'office of public prosecutor of Naples, Henry John Woodcock for incompatibilità environmental, sentirà added of prosecutor of Naples, Alfonso D'Avino and Joseph Borrelli. The complaints concern in particular competence to investigate of Dda, of which Woodcock is part of it, even when it was obvious that camorra does not c'came in. On se aspects, pg of Naples, Luigi Riello, heard in July, has called just D'Avino. That, n, tomorrow it could give Csm more of elements for clarity.


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