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Corinna's audio and the boomerang effect

The investigators point out that the recording to the friend of Juan Carlos I can turn against the police

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Corinna's audio and the boomerang effect

The recording recorded in 2015 in London by Commissioner José Villarejo with a micro spy to ex-friend of King Emeritus Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgesntein can turn against policeman in an unexpected boomerang effect.

Beyond accusations against Juan Carlos I who collect audios — Corinna says he was used by former monarch as figurehead — researchers argue that analysis of total reveals evidence of alleged crimes that fence agent himself.

"The whole conversation, unedited, shows true face of police Villarejo", require judicial sources, which label fragments disclosed by two digital media on July 11, "partial and interested".

The Commissioner's defense has asked to leave phones in room to avoid recordings

The Tandem case judge, an alleged network of information traffic and irregular immigration piloted by Villarejo, decided last Friday to investigate Corinna's audio. The magistrate opened a separate secret piece, number 5, after receiving a report from police internal Affairs unit where officers warned that contents of audios affected a high state judiciary.

Before investigation was started, Magistrate Diego de Egea asked officers if material seized at Villarejo last November during his detention included sensitive information. The judge took this precaution after hearing notice of retired policeman. The Commissioner alerted magistrate who stored in his home compromising data and state secrets. His ammunition included 30 terabytes of audio, video and documents.

Eight internal affairs hounds work out of piece since n to decrypt this information. Half contents of hard drives are encrypted. The police rely on saving most of Villarejo's secret files.

"The investigation is much more complex than King Emeritus and Corinna. This remains tandem case and illegal businesses of Villarejo, "indicates a judicial source.

The Sexagenario curator was dedicated from his office on ninth floor of Madrid Picasso tower to look for dirty rags to punch of a checkbook. Its network of collaborators extended to a dozen curators, who provided sensitive data from police databases, according to sources close to cause.

After nine months in pre-trial detention, Villarejo will land on Thursday in Central Court number 6 of national hearing, which instructs tandem case. The Commissioner is declaring secret piece of Corinna's audio. The police requested to appear on videoconferencing on grounds of back pain. Your lawyer has asked that statement be closed and that phones are banned in room.

During session, entire audio captured in London is scheduled to be reproduced in 2015 by Villarejo. A recording involving policeman, Corinna and former president of Telefónica Juan Villalonga. The businesswoman of German-Danish origin claimed that far of Felipe VI took commissions in bird to Mecca.

Villarejo could decline to answer questions from Egea judge and anti-corruption prosecutors attached to case, Miguel Serrano and Ignacio Stampa.

Sources close to cause point out that, during declaration, representatives of anti-corruption will manifest ir position on secret piece. Juan Carlos I lost his inviolability by abdicating in 2014. and maintains its status as a graduated. It can only be judged by Supreme Court.

The policeman will also have to answer this Thursday in court on one of his alleged collaborators, Commissioner Enrique García Castaño, Fat Man, who is investigated for bribes-cars and money-in exchange for information and was released Week. The instructor last week provisionally filed part of investigation into anor of alleged partners of Villarejo, former commissioner of Barajas Airport (Madrid) Carlos Salamanca. Anti-corruption attributed to Salamanca charge for letting enter Equatoguineans without a visa at airport in Madrid.

Villarejo, a policeman who for 25 years has recorded judges, prosecutors and businessmen, has been in pre-trial detention since last November. He is investigated for belonging to criminal organization, cofactor and money laundering.

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