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Crime of the Orotava: The mother died strangled and the girls, suffocated

Sedatives have been found in the woman, so it all points to that she was drugged before she died

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Crime of the Orotava: The mother died strangled and the girls, suffocated

The macabre scene of crime found on Monday by officers of Guardia Civil in a flat of Orotava (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) — a woman and two little girls dead, dressed and lying in bed of marriage with corpse of ir dog at feet; And far hanged in adjoining room — is full of unknowns.

The information that has transpired so far and preliminary results of autopsies indicate that man would have been author of deaths of his wife and daughters and that, later, he would have hanged himself with his hands tied. "That is apparently sequence of deaths, but to confirm it will have to wait for results of toxicological analyses, which can be delayed up to a month and a half," sources close to investigation point out.

More information
  • "Instructions and reproaches" in note found next to dead family
  • The note found with bodies of Orotava family was far's

The forensics of Institute of Legal Medicine of Santa Cruz de Tenerife have determined that woman, Teresa M. L., Canary of 40 years, died strangled, because she had a hematoma in her neck. They also noted that re were traces of foam in his mouth and that of one of two girls, which would point to a possible use of some toxic product. The results of this preliminary autopsy indicate that only sedatives have been found in mor, that she could have been drugged before she died.

The device allegedly placed by far to hang himself hanging roof is anor aspect that baffles investigators. "Evidence rar premeditated: it had to make holes with a drill on roof," y indicate. And y assure that at table of that stay was found pen with which would have marked holes.

"She was a social woman, few knew him"

Many were surprised yesterday when y saw photograph of Israel Rodríguez Miranda, a burly and military dress, in some local newspapers. Many in municipality of La Orotava, 42,000 souls on slopes of Teide, and where he lived for almost 10 years with his wife and two small daughters and a puppy, had never seen him. "To her yes, she was social, she brought girls to a central school, close to old town, and to judo. The eldest daughter was in awards ceremony a few days ago, "family acquaintances comment. Teresa, as her mor was called, did not work, but she helped her far — known as bug — in family business, "a Barecillo become a meeting point for neighborhood for nearly 40 years," says a neighbor. "He few knew him."

The family, had planned to incinerate bodies of woman and girls. But toxicological analyses will delay everything and judge, alternate in Orotava Court No. 1 has already shown resistance to incineration of bodies.

While toxicological reports contribute to clarify what happened, a note written by far, a military decorated with a red distinctive (pensioner) for his actions in Afghanistan and worked as a maintenance technician at base of Helicópteos of rodeo on island, it's only clue that agents have to unravel what happened and why.

Researchers are reluctant to qualify facts as "macho crime." However, this has been described by Canary Islands Government. Sources close to investigation do not rule out "a pact between marriage".

The investigators of Judicial police of Guardia Civil are already taking statements to relatives of her and his, who arrived yesterday to Tenerife from Zamora, his place of origin. In addition, y analyze mobile devices of deceased to find some clue. And y are also conducting a family heritage study to find out if debts and economic problems could be behind what happened.

Has transcended little about content of that handwritten note found next to bodies. But it is known that it gives precise instructions on what to do with bodies: "It says what she wanted to do with hers after dead and what both had agreed to do with those of girls," count sources close to investigation. And he also evidences disagreements with his family and reproaches m " lack of help" y had given m, according to same sources. It is precisely content of that note, which makes agents doubt that it is a macho crime.

No complaints

According to judicial sources, re is no complaint of ill-treatment, although re are many cases of gender-based violence in which re is no prior complaint.

The discrepancies on how to qualify this case have become evident between Government of Canary Islands and government delegation. For its part, Government of Canary Islands aired at last minute of Tuesday a communiqué in which it advanced that woman was allegedly murdered by her partner. In parallel, official sources of government delegation pointed out that y had not at any time confirmed any detail of case to media through a press release or notice. And yesterday y insisted that case is still in investigation phase. "It is necessary to advance evidence that determines causes of deaths, wait for final results of technical reports, as well as in results provided by agents involved in investigation," y justified. At same time, Canary Islands Government once again showed its "strongest" condemnation and its "pain". And Minister of Presidency, Justice and equality, José Miguel Barragán, conveyed his condolences to family and reaffirmed his commitment to victims of macho violence: "Zero tolerance for aggressors to end gender-based violence".

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