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Cristina Cifuentes renounces the master, but blames the university for irregularities

The President of the community of Madrid apologizes for accepting the facilities offered by King Juan Carlos

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Cristina Cifuentes renounces the master, but blames the university for irregularities

The President of community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, has given up her Master of autonomous Public Law of university Rey Juan Carlos in a letter sent to rector, Javier Ramos, as announced by president in his official Twitter account. In letter, to which country has had access, Cifuentes apologizes "to anyone who may have been aggrieved", recognizes that he should not accept " facilities" and "flexible conditions" that he admits offered by King Juan Carlos to pursue degree and Autoexculpa of anomalies reported in last few weeks. "Obtaining this master's degree has apparently been affected by various administrative irregularities, totally alien to me," he says. In a tribune published today by this newspaper, rector already advanced that "if re is falsehood", would withdraw title to Cifuentes. The validity of master was already put in question by Conference of Rectors, which last Wednesday recognized "serious irregularities" and "rational evidence of crime" in case.

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In four-page resignation document, Cifuentes recalls that he complied with everything university asked for and everything that law demanded. According to President of Madrid, who has linked her position to Mariano Rajoy expressly asked for his resignation, says in letter that nothing has been done is illegal and, if re have been irregularities, have been of type "administrative" and committed by university.

Thus, Cifuentes emphasizes that he renounces master, obtained in course 2011-2012, although he is in possession of "corresponding official title as well as all certificates certifying payment of fees and qualifications obtained in each of different subjects. " All se documents are "duly sealed and certified by Secretariat" of Instituciñon, adds leader of PP in Madrid.

"Each and every one of se documents are issued by competent academic authorities and same accredit two things: first, that I have not committed any illegality and secondly, I have fulfilled requirements that university put me to Get that title, "argues Cifuentes.

The president admits that "obtaining this master's degree has apparently been affected by various administrative irregularities, which are totally foreign" to it. At this point, he reminds rector that master's final work Act was "sent directly by Rector's secretariat on March 21 at 17 hours and 36 minutes." However, "a quarter of an hour later", Ramos gave "instructions to open a reserved information in absence of doubts about its content".

"A circumstance, dear Rector, which can no less be surprising, since that Act had not been requested by us. However, we proceeded to distribute it to media on basis that we fully trust that this documentation was true, given reliability for us sender, who was your own secretariat, "says Cifuentes, to add:" I do not know by Complete origin and content of both this document and that referred to convalidations of subjects of several students, which has also been put in question.

"Since I have always fulfilled legality and I have adhered indications of university, I have requested practice of various proceedings in criminal complaint already filed in court" to clarify irregularities. Cifuentes says he trusts justice to clarify what happened, including "a disturbing violation of Data Protection Act" at university, which not "could only facilitate access and dissemination of personal data but also its manipulation."

Cifuentes explains that he joined master's degree because he was "in a position to pursue it with full dedication" but everything changed when he was appointed government delegate in Madrid. However, he was able to continue "by facilitating university to pursue studies, in flexible conditions" for a person who, like her, "from a certain moment had obligations" which "prevented him from following same academic regime as rest of The students.

The only mistake that Cifuente admits is to have accepted se conditions to continue studying master: "If I was wrong, and at that time I had to refuse facilities offered by university, I apologize to anyone who could feel aggrieved." According to his version of facts, he only "moved to participate in this master" his "interest to expand knowledge despite personal difficulties" that "prevented him from pursuing it in an ordinary regime." "At no time did I intend to take advantage of this master's degree, nor do I pretend to take it out in present or in future," President stresses.

Despite not being responsible for any of irregularities, Cifuentes communicates at end of letter to rector "formally" his "decision to waive use of title issued by university Rey Juan Carlos, requesting that such waiver is Deemed immediate to opportune effects. "


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