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Darmanin announces the end of the counters for the escaped tax

This device, which is opened by Bercy in 2013 for the " repentant tax ", has allowed for recovery of 7.8 billion euros.

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Darmanin announces the end of the counters for the escaped tax

This device, which is opened by Bercy in 2013 for " repentant tax ", has led to recovery of € 7.8 billion.

escaped tax will soon regularize ir situation in France at a lower cost. This was announced by minister of action and of public accounts, Gérald Darmanin, in an interview with Liberation, published on Friday 15 September.

" For more firmness and efficiency, we will close, as at 31 December, Service processing of returns corrective [pads-r vision], which allowed for 2013 taxpayers who had undeclared assets abroad to regularise ir situation, with penalties reduced, " explained Gérald Darmanin.

" This office has been useful, it has, " he decided. More than 50 000 applications have been filed in four years, in which to rectify for more than € 32 billion of assets, and recover 7.8 billion euros. "France has left four and a half years to se taxpayers. It is enough ", was still considered to be minister, who also insisted on fact that " authors are inventive, tax fraud going on by new means. We will not settle for simple declarations ".

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means " more powerful "

Mr. Darmanin n referred to evolution of means to detect and punish tax fraud. The entry into force of automatic exchange of bank information will thus, according to him, " to France to have a powerful means to detect fraudsters ".

The minister also called for "more investment in it projects and technology" for " have same level of technical sophistication that fraudsters mselves." "The information in Bercy" should be "more effective" in fight against " tax evasion on a large scale ", a-t-he desired.

" All this allows State to recover sums owed in order to carry out public policy for all French. But be careful, do not believe that this fight will fill our deficits. This discourse is too simplistic, " concludes minister of public accounts.

Bercy had already strengned penalties for "repentant tax" in 2016, and had planned, to end, to close pads-r vision, believing that he had " not meant to last forever ".


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