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Def, from Senate and room OK to variance on public accounts. Majority opens in MDP & #x3a; "Review SuperTicket Sania à"

To Montecitorio the yes with the absolute majority. The party to the left of the Pd does not participate in the vote: "Nothing changes" ">04 Ekim 2017 Çarşamba 10:03 - 39 reads.

Def, from Senate and room OK to variance on public accounts. Majority opens in MDP & #x3a;
Rome -The classrooms of Senate and Chamber have approved deviation on public accounts provided by DEF, which fixes structural adjustment for 2018 to 0.3%. In Palazzo Madama favorable votes were 181 votes, hence a large majority. For this vote, according to article 81 of Cotituzione, it served absolute majority of members of Assembly, which is equal to 161 votes. I no were 107. The Aula di Palazzo Madama gave clear path also to majority resolution to update note to DEF. The Yes were 164, 108 opposing votes and only one abstained. In Montecitorio votes in favour of budgetary deviation required by Government were 358 and 133 contrary. For this vote it was necessary absolute majority of members of Assembly: 316 on 630. Soon after, free street of house was also reached at resolution of majority on update note to DEF: votes in favour were 318 and votes against 135. A result that, for former prime minister, Matteo Renzi, demonstrates solidity of government. "The resolution at DEF, which MDP did not vote, had a very large majority, over 160," he said to open Studio. Beyond political discussion, "in substance government is solid" and now "everyone to lend a hand to gentilists to close this legislature well". • So in Senate Among votes in favor in Senate, compact PD with 98 Yes ( president of Senate by practice does not vote). All 24 Ap senators expressed mselves for majority as well as 16 senators, out of 18, of autonomies, present today at vote. Ten yes y arrived from mixed group where, out of a total of 31, y voted in 27: Bondi, Repetti, Uras and Stefano, along with three senators of Idv, Bencini, Romans, Molinari, have given favorable vote and y have also made it to Vita Mario Monti , Maurizio Rossi, Blessed Secretary of widow. Twelve yes from Ala and zero from league that sees contrary vote of 9 senators present. By surprise, among favorable votes also that of senator of M5s Nicola Morra, in contradiction with or 29 presenters of his group, all for No. "Material error" n justified Pentastellato. For no, y voted in 36 by Forza Italy that today had 8 absent, as well as absent 16 of MDP in this vote. From Gal, with 12 voters out of 17, re were 8 no, three yes and one abstained. The Federation movement of Freedom of Quagliariello voted against (9 out of 9 present).

#Senato approves economic and financial framework of forthcoming budgetary law. A vow of responsibility and stability

— Paolo Gentili (@PaoloGentiloni) 4 October 2017 on update note to DEF, majority inserted nth wedge into already divided and jagged world to left of Pd. One of main arguments agitated by MDP (in this case United) for not voting maneuver is health superticket. To abolish it, asks MDP. For an expense that is around 600 million. The majority resolution to update note to final presented to Senate (signed by Luigi Zac del Pd, Laura Bianconi by Ap and Karl Zeller of Autonomie) commits government to "gradually review mechanism of so-called superticket in order to The costs for assisted people who are addressing public system. " But to proposal advanced by majority, senator of MDP Federico Fornaro gives a first negative answer: "We do not modify our attitude. If commitment to resolution was enough, we would have participated in meetings for its drafting. We shall see wher commitments will be concretized in acts of budgetary law ". It is instead parent company in Senate, Maria Cecilia Guerra, to announce during explanations of vote that "MDP-Article 1 will vote in favour of deviation of budget balance, but we do not participate in vote on majority resolution". War also reiterated that availability on revision of Supertickets expressed in majority resolution "is not enough if re is no real availability of government, availability on which no real signals have yet arrived." After outcome of vote on resolution, also passed without support of MDP, Vice-President of chamber and Deputy Pd Roberto Giachetti does not spare a tweet to vitriol: "The votes in Senate on Def demonstrate definitively irrelevance not only political but Also numerical of MDP ".

The votes in Senate on Def show definitively irrelevance not only political but also numerical of MDP.

— Roberto Giachetti (@BOBOGIAC) 4 October 2017 No even from Italian left. Secretary Nicola Fratoianni: In Def "everything that should have been re is not. There is no public investment plan to give good and qualified work, re are not enough resources even to secure fragile territory of our country. There are not those massive investments needed for school, university and Research. There is no investment to make citizens ' health a right for everyone and for all, in an Italy where 12 million of people have stopped caring because y can no longer afford it. A totally inadequate Def, n left Italian will vote firmly against ". Waiting for evaluations of various voices inside MDP and or souls of left to left of Pd. Especially after hard botta and reply between Massimo d ' Alema last night at Cartabianca on Rai3 ("We have hands free, so much government supports him Berlusconi ") and Giuliano Pisapia this morning at Circus Maximus on Radio Capital (" Maximum is divisional, must take a step by side "). In reply before vote in Senate, Minister of Economy Pier Carlo P highlighted how "many have cited health system. It is an area in which to evaluate measures of improvement and efficiency ". The Minister also reiterated how in Italy, "high debt country, debt began to descend. A trend-recalled Minister-certified by Istat for 2015 ". P added that "is provided in update note to DEF 2017 that debt will continue to fall to a degree and with increasing speed in coming years, removing from table a risk factor that very often in past threatened possibility of making Economic policy in our country and that now instead offers a degree of freedom ".

On update #DEF vote responsible for #Senato hour #leggedibilancio for #crescitainclusiva and #occupazione

— PCPadoan (@PCPadoan) 4 October 2017


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