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Dies Edith Windsor, the activist who had the Justice of the USA to recognize gay marriage

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Dies Edith Windsor, the activist who had the Justice of the USA to recognize gay marriage

The best day of Edith Windsor

The U.S. Supreme recognizes rights of married gays after demand of Edith Windsor

The activist Edith Windsor, leading in battle that culminated with historic decision of U.S. Supreme Court to validate marriage between couples of same sex, passed away this Tuesday in New York at age 88.

His death was reported to media by his wife, Kasen Windsor, who married in 2016, but no furr details were provided.

"I Lost my beloved wife Edie. She will always be light to LGBTQ community that she loved and who loved her," said Kasen, which refers to lesbian activist as a great fighter for freedom, justice and equality.

Windsor, born in Philadelphia in 1929 and oldest of three brors, married in Canada in 2007 with Thea Spyer, your partner for more than 40 years, who died in 2009 of multiple sclerosis.

After death of her wife, Windsor had to pay for heritage inherited more than $ 350,000 in taxes to federal Government, what led her to undertake a crusade in defense of equality of ir rights as a spouse, which led to Supreme.

In June 2013 Supreme court invalidated law, DOMA, which defined marriage as " union between a man and a woman", legalizing as well unions in country between same-sex couples, a great victory for LGBTQ community.

Windsor was represented at that battle by Robert Kaplan, who indicated, to mourn his death, have been his lawyer was " great honor" of his life.

Assured that Windsor will go down in history books of this country as "a true hero," according to NBC.

"I Also know that his memory will be a blessing not only to every LGBTQ person in this planet, but for all those who believe in concept of equal dignity for all", also said Kaplan.

After graduating from Temple University, Windsor got married in first place with a friend of his bror, but a year later put an end to that marriage to confessing that she was a lesbian.

Then settled in New York, where he worked as a programmer for IBM company and where, as indicated in an interview, could be openly lesbian.

The reactions after death of activist did not wait. The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, he said that his heart is broken by death of whom he called his friend.

"Edie was a new york-based outstanding that took fight for equality and achieved a historic victory in journey for justice," said Cuomo, who said that activist embodied spirit of New York and recalled that "tore down barriers".

" " I will Always admire your strength and endurance against adversity. I will never forget", he furr noted in a statement.

Meanwhile, Civil Liberties Union said that was a "tireless champion of love, equality, and justice, whose courage and tenacity transformed landscape of civil rights through country."


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