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Direction Pd, Renzi & #x3a; "Our opponents are not those gone via"

Unanimously approved the report of the Secretary, who holds open dialogue with Pisapia and left to the left of his party. Highlighting ">06 Ekim 2017 Cuma 07:33 - 25 reads.

Direction Pd, Renzi & #x3a;
ROME-"On safety and work we must make a great cultural battle against our opponents, who are not those who have gone away from here." So Matteo Renzi during direction of PD. Open, refore, channel of dialogue with left "to left of PD" and in particular with "shipyard" opened by Giuliano Pisapia to compact and federate Progressive field. Pisapia entered in turn in a collision course with MDP for his manifest vocation to "polygamy" in politics. In addition, he stressed Secretary Dem, electoral law "calls to creation of coalition, Pd remains center of gravity but with Rosatellum serves a broader coalition". The report of Secretary of PD, with mandate on Rosatellum bis, was approved unanimously by direction of PD. According to Renzi, " or parties are more in trouble than we are. Melons on referendums for autonomies, sages that on Instagram publishes things to eat, Berlusconi who manages to be Monday Bishop of Europe and Tuesday Bishop of Populistism. Even five 5 are declining, even if y are taken seriously. " For this, according to Renzi, it is even more important to avoid weakening Pd from within. "We must not divide. We must not renounce internal confrontation, but from here to enter Tafazzi in our panon re passes. I am first to take charge of this-he stressed Secretary-because those who do not play with team make goals to opponents ". The Pd must not make mistake of looking at its navel, but its responsibilities in regard to Italy. "The Naples programmatic conference will have to clarify way we proceed. We took a country in trouble and we brought it out of crisis-claims with pride Renzi-. We must certainly not make historical reenactments, but this country has more jobs, GDP grows and consumption increases. And we must be proud that we have made a change of way for Europe on austerity. It's a battle we have to claim because it has brought over 900,000 jobs in more ". The former premier is back n on measure of Eighty euro: "It is not an electoral tip as it says for example Salvini, are an instrument-stressed-with which 10 million of Italians have seen increase ir spending capacity and we want to increase those Money. " The Pd, refore, has all reasons to present itself "in electoral campaign with grit and courage, head high. The results obtained are springboard for future. The moment is simple: eir Pd blocks populistism or Populistism wins only in Italy ". Matteo Renzi has refore hinted at Sicilian elections, praising position of Minister of Justice, and his opponent to primaries, Andrea Orlando. "I greatly appreciated it-stressed Secretary-when it supported non-existence of a link between Sicilian elections and leadership" of Democratic Party. "And we'll see--he added--what will United right do, if it will be first time that we have not joined toger." During his intervention in direction, Andrea Orlando said that " electoral law, just as I am configuring, would be a political success of line for which I have beaten. Reintroduction of coalition concept is crucial. " "Of course-added-it is not enough electoral law, you have to work also on law of budget and you have to have availability to speak on electoral law itself, in interest of center and in interest of country". Why, he explained, "is right Renzi when he says that electoral law takes care of 350 people, but day after effects will be all". And "on electoral law-insisted-you have to work to have even some signal on or side, because, if judgement remains that of law scam, it will be difficult to find a dialogue. For this you have to launch an appeal to MDP to beat a blow. "


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