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Electoral law, comes the card "anti-fraud"

During the examination of the Rosatellum 2.0, approved in committee an amendment introducing a removable coupon with a progressive number to avoid the ">06 Ekim 2017 Cuma 07:33 - 56 reads.

Electoral law, comes the card
It is not known yet wher it will pass examination of classroom, but in meantime in committee constitutional Affairs to Chamber Electoral Law proceeds expeditiously. The pact of four between Pd, Forza Italy, Lega and popular alternative continues to hold on vote of amendments. Skirmishes instead between Luigi Di Maio, premier candidate of M5S and leader of league Matteo Salvini: "It is sold for some armchair and is voting a law that will bring again Renzi and Berlusconi to government". and Salvini replica: "M5s is zero if you have to go from protest to construction, lose shots." Here are new changes introduced to basic text of Rosatellum bis:ANTI-fraud card. An amendment has been approved that introduces an unprecedented novelty concerning ballot: if it goes all way, citizens who will go to polls in next spring will find mselves in hand a card endowed with a so-called "anti-fraud" coupon. The amendment, presented by deputy Pd Paolo Coppola and Sergio Boccadutri, provides that on each card is affixed a removable coupon with an alphanumeric code. The mechanism will be as follows: The coupon is disconnected from card, it is checked that number is same annotated before delivery and n card is placed without cutting in urn. This vignette detached, explained Emanuele Fiano, Rapporteur of law, "serves to avoid exchange with fraud of pre-compiled cards", a typical instrument of voting exchange. barrier threshold. Confirmation arrives that 3% threshold for access to Senate will be established on a national basis and no longer, as had been raised in recent days, limited to reaching same percentage in only 3 regions. The parent company Pd Ettore Rosato affirms it. "The text remains so and re is Ap agreement," he explains by observing how amendment had been asked "by or parties that are not part of majority supporting Rosatellum bis." "The thresholds do not change" clarified majority rapporteur Emanuele Fiano, and for coalitions bar remains at 10%. Parties that exceed 1% threshold without entering Parliament will instead transfer ir votes to entire coalition. constituencies. In Senate, uninominal colleges increase from 102 to 109, with approval of amendment tabled by Dem Marco Di Maio. The member colleges are reduced compared to first draft of text. From 70 pass to 65, meeting demand for Forza Italia to increase proportional quota. Instead, government is going to take care to perimeter colleges. PLURICANDIDATURE. Approved in committee also amendment of Emanuele Fiano which brings from 3 to 5 maximum number of colleges member in which one can apply. "Thus control of parties on candidates to be elected is accentuated and citizens are deprived of possibility of knowing who y are electing" attacked Giulio Marcon of Italian left. In case of parity between two candidates in Uninominal colleges, youngest is elected and not oldest, as envisaged at beginning by reform. vote. sagging amendments on possibility of uncoupling voting between Uninominal college candidate and proportional list, and on possibility of expressing preferences.


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