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ERC accentuates its separatist discourse in the presentation of the programme

Rovira promises to re-open delegations abroad if he wins 21-D

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ERC accentuates its separatist discourse in the presentation of the programme

He presented yesterday master lines of his electoral program and took opportunity to abandon moderate discourse of beginning of campaign, displaying his profile more independence. The number two of party, Marta Rovira, said yesterday that if he wins 21-D will reverse decisions taken under article 155 of Constitution. For example, reopening delegations of Generalitat abroad or restituting ex-chief of Mossos, Josep Lluís. He also wants to give more resources for Catalan treasury and insists on Social protection Agency, suspended by Tribunal Constitutional.

"If we win election we will have to face 155 and do it means to stop feet of those who have already warned us that, if we win, do not respect ir outcome," said Rovira yesterday in a campaign event in Barcelona. Neir Republicans nor Junts per Catalunya have ruled out independence in ir proposals in face of 21-D, although y change ir strategy. Both candidacies specify that y want to seek a negotiation with government and y intend in se years to broaden base of social support to ir project. But struggle for hegemony within sovereignty has led ERC to exhibit its proposals in an independent key in order to mark profile and stop bleeding of supports that indicate surveys towards Carles Puigdemont.

The ERC electoral programs and Expresident candidacy do not specify a roadmap to independence as did Junts PEL Yes, joint candidacy with which y won in September 2015 and ruled in Catalonia. The program of called Making Republic, it refers to urging a "bilateral dialogue" but last Sunday discourse of Republicans began to veer and began to speak openly of an exit "without permission" if 21-D had an independence triumph and Government did not sit at a table to dialogue.

Rovira filled this possibility with content yesterday. "The first thing we will do is to reverse all decisions taken by those who have intervened in Catalan institutions," he defended. The Republicans also promise to reinstate greatest of Mossos, Josep Lluís-mabut. There is no ERC rally in which claimed work of chief of Mossos in management of jihadi attacks of August in Catalan capital. "It is an offense and an attack on its professionalism and its impeccable service sheet to have it relegated to doing administrative tasks," number two of ERC argued yesterday.

The candidate also advocated reopening Generalitat's delegations abroad, as y "perform a basic function". This international government structure was first to fall under implementation of 155. The central government was looking at 14 Catalan embassies. Brussels is only one still open. Both citizens and People's Party have always called m without ambages "independence bars". Rovira defended m because y are "completely legal" and ir functions that have space within statute. He also attributed a key role in records of Catalan exports.

The Republicans ' program speaks of "intensifying government's international agenda" to "achieve a greater recognition of our reality outside country" and "increase in endowment of human and technological resources" for tax agency of Catalonia. He also wants to give a boost to Social protection Agency, which has been suspended by constitutional. ERC sees it as a necessary tool to improve management of social benefits but does not pose it as a "state structure".

Withdrawal of resources

ERC also wants central government to withdraw all unconstitutionality resources presented against 44 Catalan laws in last legislature. The list is long: for example is tax on nuclear power stations, against law antievictions or some points of law of equality between men and women.

Republicans also understand that a large majority of independence would endorse all se measures. And re is a meeting point with " list of President", in fact, program of Junts per Catalunya is precisely to return self-government of Catalonia exactly to situation prior to implementation of 155, restituting one who considers legitimate Govern With Puigdemont in head.

Rovira denounced yesterday that intervention of Generalitat has led to blockade of games destined to third sector and to revive concerts and contracts-Program "that have been blocked by PP". The Bureau of third Sector assured in its day that re were delays with 10 million euros for social programs. "If Rajoy does not want unilateral way, what he has to do is not get out of negotiating table," he warned last Monday Rovira, after insisting that his party has always wanted to talk. Yes, without giving up his project. "We are not going to give up negotiation, as we are not going to give up defending citizens and mandates of ballot boxes," he said.


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