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ERC searches Carles Mundó's for an alternative to Junqueras

The Advisor of Justice becomes one of the main assets in a party in low hours

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ERC searches Carles Mundó's for an alternative to Junqueras

Esquerra Republican is being forced to seek new leadership after 21-D election. To permanence in prison of its leader, Oriol Junqueras, it has been added electoral stumbling of its number two, Marta Rovira, which stayed away from fixed objective. This fact and need to mark profile before renewed thrust of former president Carles Puigdemont has brought up a new voice on which all independentist gazes are set. This is Carles Mundó's, an advisor of Justice, who has challenge to revitalize party.

The Republican dome of Esquerra goes through dark hours. The one who has been his beacon and guide for seven years, Oriol Junqueras, has been in pre-trial detention for more than two months without anyone dare to venture how much longer he will remain deprived of freedom. And it is not a trivial affair in a party that has built up all its recent successes in leadership of Junqueras, only one of its leaders who has been able to keep party sectors permanently confronted and always ready to break for years. The electoral successes harvested since 2011 have helped Junqueras to cohesion a formation from which he took reins when he was a real wasteland for years of disputes between Josep Lluís Carod Rovira and Joan Puigcercós.

The interim in which party has been installed threatens to reopen se struggles. And it is that Junqueras has not managed to leave well tied its substitution — at least temporary — in hands of Marta Rovira. The project of Secretary general, whom Junqueras pointed out from prison as eventual president "of Republic" has not crystallized as expected. Flojeó in campaign and was unable to short-circuit magnetism that Puigdemont exerted from Brussels on broad layers of independence.

More by obligation than will Esquerra has had to rummage in ir ranks in search of new references. Thus, it has taken idea of a party captained by Carles Mundó's, who was adviser of justice with Puigdemont and man worked in internal fights of party although it is only 41 years old. Lawyer by profession and emerged from municipal base of ERC, Mundó's enjoys absolute confidence both Junqueras and Marta Rovira but has been able to mark a certain profile, especially in last days of government of Carles Puigdemont, when it was The sole leader of Esquerra who issued signals — albeit very discreet — about need to curb unilateral declaration of independence and to bet on elections convened since presidency of Generalitat. Unlike Santi Vila, or counselor who opined like him, Mundó's did not depart publicly, he endured until end in Govern and, toger with Oriol Junqueras and or advisors he entered prison last November 2, where he remained a month accused of rebellion , sedition and embezzlement.

Ariete vs Puigdemont

The prison exit of Mundó's was seen as a salvation for ERC, who did not hesitate to put him at forefront of an election campaign that had already given signs of shipwreck. In a few days Mundó's became benchmark for those independentists who saw with little sympathy flight of Carles Puigdemont to Brussels while leaving in prison doors to a large part of his team. Mundó's cultivated this image with statements that were interpreted as auntic darts against Puigdemont. "Telling voters that Puigdemont will be president is more a wish than a reality," he said in middle of campaign, when former president assured from Brussels that he would return if he was a winner of elections. It was same that already anticipated before elections problems to invest a candidate fled of justice. "Junts per Catalunya would have to propose an alternative candidate for Puigdemont in case it cannot be invested," he said.

However, you will not have it easy Mundó's if you want to take over reins of party. The shadow of Junqueras is omnipresent in formation and, like him, Mundó's faces very harsh penalties for legal processes in which he is involved. The former counsellor is now out of prison and in a position to assume Deputy Act, which not all of his former colleagues can say, starting with Puigdemont.


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