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European Parliament claims to review criminal codes in case of herd

We can have managed to take the case of sexual violence to the European Parliament

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European Parliament claims to review criminal codes in case of herd

The controversy surrounding case of herd brought to fore yesterday way in which laws protect victims of sexual violence throughout Europe. In a debate promoted by we can, parties with representation in European Parliament demanded that Member States take concrete action. They called for criminal codes to pick up a more concrete definition of rape. They called on community partners to adapt ir legislation to provisions of Istanbul Convention, a treaty promoted by Council of Europe which provides greater guarantees for women in face of sexual predators. And y referred, with greater or lesser virulence, to controversial decision of audience of Navarre. "I am not here to criticize decision of a Spanish court, but I hope that higher instance will decide quickly and effectively on appeal," said Justice Commissioner Vera Jourová prudently.

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  • The prosecution will appeal herd's sentence so that conviction is for rape
  • The proven facts of case sentence of herd

Czech policy, a well-known advocate for women's rights, wished for a prompt recovery of young victim of herd, and recalled that one in 10 women in EU has had sexual violence and one in 20 has suffered a rape. In addition, it warned of damage of wrong judicial decisions. "I do not mean Spanish courts in particular, but when a judge does not interpret laws correctly, perpetrators of crime are unpunished. They get cheap and it seems that state allows it. "

The debate, which lasted 35 minutes, counted on majority intervention of Spanish MEPs, more women than men, and also addressed to what extent it is lawful to criticize a judge. The popular Rosa'll asked for a quiet debate and not turn herd case into thrown weapon. The law is archaic and stereotypic, and it encourages absurdity of women having to protect mselves from rape. That has to change, but a serene reflection is necessary. " On or hand, Ernest Urtasun, of Greens, demanded to Spanish justice a rectification. "A judge is subject to scrutiny," he said.

The plenary approves a debate today on implementation by Spain of international standards on sexual violence, in light of case of " herd".

— European Parliament (@Europarl_ES) May 2, 2018

The MEP of PSOE Iratxe García accused Spanish government of making a deaf ear to successive calls of his party to ratify Istanbul Convention. And we can Parliamentarian Tania Gonzalez urged to adopt a new Community directive that feels basis "of a new sex contract between men and women."

For Swedish socialist Anna Hedh, case of herd evidences importance of consent, and made his own reading in national code. "If you don't hear word yes, it's an unclear. My country, Sweden, is now enacting a very harsh law against sexual abuse in all its forms. It is a challenge for EU to protect victims of sexual violence. "

The judicial course of case is still long. The Public Prosecutor's Office of Navarra will present in next days an appeal against sentence by which five members of The herd were sentenced to nine years in prison as perpetrators of a crime of sexual abuse continued on an 18-year-old girl in Sanfermines of 2016.


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