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Explanations of the prosecution do not convince the Prosecutor

The prosecution receives a new crowd that extends the possible criminal acts of the Chief of the Mossos as of October 1

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Explanations of the prosecution do not convince the Prosecutor

The judge of national audience Carmen Lamea will again cite to declare as imputed by sedition to chief of Mossos, Josep Lluís, and leaders of entities sovereigntists ANC and Òmnium, Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart on a date still for Determine. This is how it has been agreed after Civil guard has delivered a third report on Friday morning in which it extends to 1 October possible criminal acts to prevent judicial action against preparation of illegal referendum of Self-Determination.

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In his statement today, which has lasted about 40 minutes, he has carried out "unconvincing exculpatory manifestations", according to sources of research. Although prosecution considers that new overcrowding of Guardia Civil can "prove transcendent" to "determine in all its dimensions" possible criminal responsibility of investigated. Fiscal sources point out, however, that with crowds collected so far, re would be sufficient evidence to request some kind of precautionary measure against those investigated.

Both as Sànchez and Cuixart, who have come to testify as imputed in cause of open sedition last week for events of September 20 and 21, have left national audience without any precautionary measures. It will be in next summons when, if case comes, prosecution shall ask judge to lick some kind of measure to ensure that those investigated do not evade action of justice. On day of today he has also declared, by videoconference, Teresa la Plana, mayor of Mossos in Barcelona district of L'Eixample.

Jordi Cuixart, president of Òmnium, has welcomed his right not to testify, because, according to his defense, national audience is not competent to investigate crimes of sedition, since se are part of crimes against public order and not against form of government , which are competence of central courts based in Madrid.

Jordi Sànchez has been limited – it is also his right-to answer questions from his own defense. Sanchez has ensured that September 20-21 demonstrations against arrests of 14 people who allegedly organized illegal referendum were always peaceful.


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