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Facts and stories

This was the whole strategy of the Procés polarize to exclude the political adversary

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Facts and stories

A document in Powerpoint format, titled EnfoCATs, begins by recalling that " 27S made a Plebiscitarias election, what we were looking for was a majority of votes." The authors recognize that desired scenario did not occur, that plebiscite was not won in eyes of international community. This is fact: on 27 September 2015 plebiscite was not won, but, on screen, failure is transformed into success; It all depends on how it's counted. And this "strategic proposal" advises "to emphasize successful outcome" of those plebiscitarias elections. By Birlibirloque's art, failure that is fact becomes successful result that is story.

Or better, stories, as many as public to which y are directed, classified in seven categories: above, convinced, divided into "hyperventilated", historical and recent but weak; Down, undecided, currently impermeable and no convinced ones; And in center, "fraternal regenerationists." Every public has to tell a story or story, to which transition will be serene, ors that new state will be very beneficial, and so on. All to confirm some in faith; To seduce those who are situated in quicksand; And, to reprobates, to unmask m and "discourage participation".

The final objective was to provoke polarization of different publics with obvious purpose of excluding those who persist in No. It has its logic: secession is presented as a horizon of change not already of state but of life, that trip to Ithaca that Artur Mas evoked on memorable occasion for political catalanism. Travelers can take trip from different starting points: PDeCAT, Esquerra, CUP and, if y are seduced, in Comú: to each, n, ir story. But impervious to all tales, re is no story worth, or story that swallow, to make m part of travelling community: let m stay at home, atomized; Don't even think about showing up in Parlament. This was whole strategy of Procés: to polarize to exclude political adversary of new whole in trance of construction.


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