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First month of a quiet intervention

The closeness of the 21-D and the resignation of the government to change the policies has alleviated the tension in Catalonia

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First month of a quiet intervention

The day to day of month elapsed since president of government, Mariano Rajoy, announced intervention of Generalitat of Catalonia, cessation of whole government, and Call of elections by December 21, has had nothing to do with forecasts Pessimistic, alarmist and almost dramatic with which government of nation was counting. There have been no resistances, re has been no strike neir declared nor buried, but officials of Autonomous administration, of all councils, as well as of presidency and vice-presidency, fulfil ir daily work, without ideological biases or Instructions that give a turn to work of each counseling. The surprise has occurred on two shores.

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The officials of regional administration have been surprised that no one from Madrid has tried to impose changes in functioning of Councils; And central government responsible for "tracking" through each ministry and services work, have found only professionalism. The attempts of a collective of officials of Generalitat to organize a protest have not taken effect by absence of follow-up.

The key has been that re has been no occupation of officials of Madrid, but half-dozen officials of central Administration that is in Barcelona, with Secretary of State of territorial administrations to head, Roberto Bermúdez de Castro , are absolutely invisible. Its intervention is limited, from first day, to ask Catalan leaders what priorities of each department and what problems must be solved immediately. The head of government, Mariano Rajoy, gave two clear instructions: discretion and continuity in work of each department. Political leaders to carry forward measures in favour of independence and construction of State structures were ceased. That was direct field of intervention and no or.

The almost immediate electoral call for 21-D was a statement of Rajoy's intentions to Catalan society and its own party. This haste in holding of elections, only ten weeks after entry into force of article 155, was not at all criterion of some sectors of its party or, of course, of Catalan PP. The popular led by candidate Xavier Garcia Albiol pressed for elections not to be held at least until summer. During that time, central government should have implemented policies in different areas so that a constitutionalist imprint would be appreciated in key areas. Rajoy did not attend to those requirements. Change of policy, no, cessation of people, yes. The effects of this decision translate into collaboration of officials "whom no one has asked for loyalties, or speak in Castilian, or do anything or than what y did because ir bosses remain same," y point with some irony sources Government. The fear that education and health will not work Atenazaba central executive, but it has not happened. University strikes have also ceased and convened last week by a group of officials had little follow-up.

From Catalan administration, it was feared that intervention would affect public media, educational model and Mossos d'Esquadra. Thanks to actions of Socialists, TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio were not intervened, as in principle had been announced. Still, administration of state is very critical with se means because y believe that y continue without collecting political pluralism and, above all, y maintain a line in relation with government ceased as if its members had not been removed.

In political arena, leader of Catalan PP, Xavier García-Albiol, maintains tough positions, as he did last Friday to report that his party will propose "close TV3 and reopen it with normal people who are plural." Complaints against regional television are also, for years, a constant in criticism of citizens, although Inés Arrimadas, head of list in elections of formation of Albert Rivera for 21-D has never been as belligerent as Albiol.


On contrary, citizens have been very critical and compete with PP for denouncing what y consider "indoctrination" in Catalan schools, although last week did not prospered motions presented in Congress.

The change in Mossos d'Esquadra Yes has been visible but not in policies or in instructions. The eldest of body, Josep Lluís, was relieved by Ferran Lopez after being investigated by national audience and finally relegated to administrative tasks.

Although in colloquial terms it is spoken of "normalcy", it is because soon re will be elections, but trauma and footprint of last 27 of October are very deep. Rajoy was and is very conscious in making decision to apply 155. That day Senate debated content of that constitutional article for six hours. The spokespersons deliberately extended ir speeches by being pending what was happening in Barcelona. There was hope that President Carles Puigdemont would convene elections. But what he did was to proclaim independence. The Senate approved 155 and when marker showed votes, answer was an absolute silence. "Today is a sad day, unreason has been imposed on law," said Rajoy as first appreciation before announcing cessation of Catalan government.


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