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Forcadell takes a step back and raises a successor without judicial causes

The ANC's leader says he does not abandon politics and will continue to be a member

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Forcadell takes a step back and raises a successor without judicial causes
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Carme Forcadell, president of Parlament, revealed yesterday that he will not run to revalidate position and suggested that his successor should be a "free of judicial proceedings" and that he is willing to preserve sovereignty of Parliament. The congresswoman, who emphasized that "much less" intends to leave politics, dismissed her decision of one taken on Monday by Deputy Councillor Carles Mundó's, who returns to law. Forcadell, who is on provisional release, avoided ruling on eventual telematic investiture of Carles Puigdemont. ERC weighs name of Excouncillor Ernest Maragall for position.

Forcadell, a member elected by Esquerra, will continue as a parliamentarian in chamber and said she was satisfied with work done "despite mistakes she could commit." "I am convinced that I have acted responsibly. Before accepting censorship or vetoing a debate for fear would have resigned, "he said. The President is on provisional release and Supreme Court judge, Pablo Llarena, accused him of crimes of rebellion, sedition and embezzlement for which he set a bail of 150,000 euros. Forcadell spent night of November 9 in prison and achieved freedom after paying that sum.

Arrimadas believes that re is a "save who can" within independence

The leader of citizens, Inés Arrimadas, has strongly criticized Carmen Forcadell's decision not to repeat as President of Parliament. "We are before save me who can of procés", has assured Arrimadas, which links decision of Forcadell with resignation to be deputy of former Adviser of Justice Carles Mundó's or that of expresident and leader of PDeCAT, Artur Mas.

"The independence parties have a problem: y do not find anyone who wants to be president of Parliament to bypass laws. They will have to put a sign of ' wanted ', has ironizado Arrimadas. Citizens insist on José Maria Espejo Saavedra as his candidate to chair house, a complicated option because it implies that y can not vote eight separatist deputies who are in Brussels or in prison and a favorable vote of Catalonia in Comú.

Eva Granados, a socialist elected member, has very negatively described work of Forcadell, whom she has accused of acting " dictation of independence majority. From ERC, Marta Rovira has tweeted: "It has been an honor to have you as president."

In an appearance in Parlament, Forcadell revealed that he decided not to apply to repeat post before December 21 elections. "The people who had to know, already knew," he said enigmatically insinuating that his resignation is not linked, for example, to a possible interpretation of regulation to invest in Puigdemont through telematic route. Forcadell, who was one who had to face a higher bail than rest of board members charged — paid 25,000 euros — knows that supreme looks at it with a magnifying glass.

With a speech that has repeated countless times in chamber and before judges, Forcadell insisted that his priority objective in this "short and exceptional" mandate has been to allow debates on street to be done normally in Hemiclo. "I can say proud that we have not broken, we have not ceded and we have remained steadfast in our obligations, which is to guarantee free debate in Parliament," he stressed. · The day we open door to censorship we will not be able to close it, "he said obviating that main reproach of opposition is one thing to debate and anor to bypass legality.

In a brief assessment of its management, Forcadell underlined that in this legislature 26 laws have been passed — citing, among m, climate change, energy poverty — of which 12 were appealed by Government to Constitutional Court. But he omitted those that have been key as disconnection laws that resulted in proclamation of Republic. Cautiously because of his investigative status, Forcadell said it is not clear that his procedural situation could have influenced management at table. "We don't know what initiatives re may be in next legislature," he simply said. After stressing that in "No case leaves policy" and to dissociate its resignation from that of Excouncillor Mundó's, of ERC, Forcadell fled to shuffle names of its possible successors although one of most mentioned is that of Ernest Maragal, MEP and advisor of Tripartite. Only, he said, yes, he has to be willing that in hemicycle we can speak "of everything" and to preserve sovereignty of Parliament.

"Save who can"

The different parties react in a very different way after march of Forcadell. Elisenda Alamandy, spokesperson for Commons, circumscribe that decision to personal matters and to explanations given by affected itself. "We stand before save who can of procés," he exclaimed, Inés Arrimadas, who quoted recent cases of Mundó's or expresident Artur Mas, who has renounced presidency of PDeCAT. The leader of citizens slipped that independence parties have trouble finding successors to Forcadell: "They do not find anyone who wants to be president to bypass laws. They'll have to put up a ' wanted ' sign. Eva Granados, member of PSC, very negatively valued management of Forcadell: "As y say in my house, so much peace rest you leave. There won't be much tail to reveal it. "


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