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Forn and Sànchez say they'll give up the seat if their party insists on the unilateral path to independence

Cuixart affirms before the judge that the only valid referendum will be the one that summons the government of Spain

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Forn and Sànchez say they'll give up the seat if their party insists on the unilateral path to independence

Both Interior councillor Joaquim Forn and former ANC president Jordi Sánchez, both elected deputies of Junts per Catalunya, have secured this Thursday in Supreme Court that y will renounce ir seat in Parlament if ir party, whose list tops Carles Puigdemont, insists on unilateral path as a way of securing independence of Catalonia, according to sources present at arraignment.

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Sánchez, Forn and president of Òmnium, Jordi Cuixart, have declared this Thursday before Judge Pablo Llarena, who instructs cause for rebellion, sedition and embezzlement against independence leaders in High Court. According to sources present in declarations, three have renounced, with more or less forcefulness, to continue pursuing independence of Catalonia by unilateral way. Forn and Sánchez have agreed on ir intention to take possession of ir deputy act but have assured that y will renounce it if PDeCAT insists on unilateral independence. The Interior advisor, in addition, has assured that he will not accept to be a counselor of any department.

According to sources consulted, Forn has distinguished between his desire for independence for Catalonia and work of previous government to achieve it and action of Mossos, police force of which was maximum political responsibility. According to his version, he, as Interior advisor, did not give "slogans" or "instructions" to Mossos to facilitate celebration of referendum and said that Mossos never ceased to be a judicial police. Forn has tried to unload responsibility on actions of agents and has assured that he was not directly involved in "operational" issues and that this work was in direct responsibility of agents, including chief Josep Lluís.

Forn has also assured that it does not renounce independence but that it has to be achieved by constitutional means. He also admitted that he participated in 1 October referendum even though he was "illegal". The Interior councillor also spoke of need to address "a change of strategy" and "reconsider" plans that government has so far followed.

For his part, Jordi Sànchez, according to sources consulted, has recognized that, as accusations and judge argue, "since February 2015 re was a roadmap with ANC, Òmnium, ERC and CDC" to achieve independence. The ANC's former president has answered prosecutor's and defenses ' questions, but has refused to answer questions of Vox's popular accusation. According to sources present at arraignment, Sànchez, in addition to admitting roadmap for secession, has recognized that referendum of 1 October did not have legal effects and has assured that during procés re were no "violent" acts, although "yes vandalism", despite That ANC, according to se sources, has always struggled to avoid m this distinction is important because principal crime of which y are accused, that of rebellion, requires that re be violence.

Regarding unilateral way, Sànchez has assured that it believes that this is not way to achieve independence of Catalonia, something that some sources present in Declaration, interpret as a waiver of this way. According to or sources, Sànchez has said that "his opinion on Unilateral declaration is same as always."

At hearing, Sànchez's defense has reiterated its request that it be released although, according to judicial sources, Llarena is not expected to take any decisions today.

After appearance of Sànchez has been turn of president of Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, who has pointed out to judge Llarena that "only" valid referendum for independence will be one that convenes government of Spain, as y have pointed out sources of Defenses present at arraignment. Cuixart, moreover, has assured that Declaration of Independence of 27 October was "symbolic" and has admitted that independence is not going to be achieved by tracks so far and that we must seek dialogue and a negotiation within law. "Orwise it's impossible. Everything must be according to law and constitution, "said president of Òmnium, according to sources consulted.

According to or sources, Cuixart has also admitted that on September 20 and 21, during mobilizations against Civil guard records, "it occurred less than what could have happened". During se days, majority of "explosions of violence" referred to by Judge Llarena in his last cars and in which he covers risk of criminal recurrence of four independence leaders that remain imprisoned.

It is first time that leaders of ANC and Òmnium, who have responded to prosecutor's questions, expose ir version of facts. Forn, Sànchez and Cuixart are, toger with Junqueras, only three independent leaders investigated who remain in pre-trial detention. In case of Sànchez and Cuixart, y are in Madrid prison of Soto del Real since 16th of October, while Forn arrived at prison of Intremea on November 2. The three entered unconditional imprisonment without bail by order of judge of National court Carmen Lamese, who n instructed part of cause for rebellion and sedition, and to which y refused to answer questions of accusations.

After supreme took case, three declared in High Court last December 1. But those appearances, which lasted only 15 minutes, focused on precautionary measures imposed on those investigated by National court and did not enter substance of crimes or re was an interrogation of prosecution on facts of those who accuse m.

After instructor released six former consellers on bail but kept unconditional prison for Forn, Sanchez, Cuixart and Junqueras at risk of criminal recidivism, defenses of first three requested that y be quoted For a broader statement, which is to be held this Thursday.


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