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France Unsubmitted wishes to abolish the European flag in the National Assembly

Via an amendment, the members of the group headed by Jean-Luc Mélenchon wish to replace the European flag with that of the United Nations in the hemicycle of the National Assembly.

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France Unsubmitted wishes to abolish the European flag in the National Assembly
Will United Nations (UN) flag replace that of European Union in hemicycle of National Assembly? It is proposal of unsubmitted members of France who tabled an amendment to a motion for a resolution aimed at "clarifying" rights of opposition to assembly.

The text, tabled by seventeen members, provides that "only tricolour flag (...) may be present in Hemicycle". "And flag of United Nations" on ground that "France is fully in line with its historic political project of independentism and peace-promoting only if it exceeds any regional and zonal anchors".

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As soon as y arrived at National Assembly in June, members of unsubmitted France had raised this issue of presence of European star flag. Discovering symbol of EU, leader of France, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, had launched: Frankly, we have to endure this? It is French Republic here, not Virgin Mary, I do not understand. »

The FN supports proposal

In ir fight, elected representatives of alternative left received support of national Front. The deputy FN of Pyrénées-Orientales, Louis Adroudi, gave "reason" Wednesday to "unsubmissive". We are in French National Assembly, it is normal that re is only French flag, I think we will support this amendment, yes (...). "We haven't discussed it," he said on Wednesday on LCI.

But deputies of France who are unsubmitted will face refusal of President of National Assembly, François de Rugy, to remove European flag. "I don't know where y went to get this history of French flag and UN," he commented on Wednesday.

"Did you see flag of United Nations at front of mayors?" No one has ever seen him anywhere. One of my predecessors wished that re be both flags (...) I hear well that we continue as well. »


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